Johnson Lee curses Myolie Wu that she'll breakup with boyfriend

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Johnson Lee curses Myolie Wu that she'll breakup with boyfriend

Post by summer7879 on Mon Jan 16, 2012 12:50 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by aZnangel @

Johnson Lee curses Myolie Wu that she'll breakup with boyfriend

Myolie Wu, Johnson Lee, Angela Tong and the rest of the cast attended TVB new series Wish and Switch promotional event. As the series started out high with an average of 31 points, the cast and crew are extremely happy. Earlier it was reported by [Oriental Daily] that Johnson ditched his girlfriend Bobo Wong for a 'Pirated Mag Lam' at the nightclub. He was even caught hugging and brushing her back. Yesterday, Johnson laughed: "I have to clarify that I have recently started liking Myolie type of girls and not Mag Lam's type. I'm giving myself to Myolie. (Bobo Wong isn't jealous?) She goes out to play even crazier than me, I am just learning from her. (When will you give her a status?) Wait until Myolie and Bosco Wong breaks up. Thank you for giving me the C1 headline."

Forced to switch into underground relationship

When Myolie learned she was 'brought up on the table', she played along: "I grant him the permission to give Bobo Wong a [girlfriend] status. For him, I switched to an underground relationship, and he's still pulling me into the water!" Myolie frankly said she's living a happy life now: "If there's not much happening, then I want to keep it that way, don't stir up anything. (Found a stabled boyfriend?) OK, I'm happy!" She expressed in fact they never really had much time to spend together, even vacations, they only got to go once: "Perhaps we'll have to wait until we're retired!" As for Myolie is personally pretty close with Hawick Lau, when speaking of him announcing his new relationship (with YangMi), Myolie felt happy for Hawick, but she was quite surprised by the news.

It was said Myolie recommended Kevin Cheng over to Neway? She clarified: "I haven't even got myself together yet, how can I recommend others? But, I know Kevin is a best-seller and I hope to be like him too."

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