Raymond Lam Attends Virginia Lok's Birthday Party

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Raymond Lam Attends Virginia Lok's Birthday Party

Post by summer7879 on Wed Jul 01, 2009 9:44 pm

Credit : kuangaitvb//Charmaine Sheh Baidu

Raymond Lam Attends Virginia Lok's Birthday Party [Source: 香港讯]
It was TVB executive's, Virginia Lok, birthday. She specially booked a bar in Central IFC and provided buffet feast to give a treat to her good friends. TVB's Siu Sangs and Fa Dans, and music company executives turned up to congratulate her. Her guests included Nat Chan and his wife, Stephen Chan, Raymond Lam, Moses Chan, Joe Ma and Fala Chen. To prevent the reporters from disturbing the guests, Miss Lok even instructed the restaurant workers to use black cloth to cover the doors and windows. According to sources, Joe Ma brought along a karaoke set from his home, and the comical Moses Chan requested Raymond Lam, whom just held his concert, to perform in the soaking wet image again. He would even prepare hot female dancers for him, making the scene very hilarious.
Because of another TVB executive, Stephen Chan, being a vegetarian, Miss Lok specially prepared part of the buffet meal to be vegetarian, showing her meticulousness. When she was asked on what gifts she had received, she said, "Scarves etc. Everything of all sorts."

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Re: Raymond Lam Attends Virginia Lok's Birthday Party

Post by serendipity on Wed Jul 01, 2009 11:05 pm

it seems like lots of artistes kiss up to mrs. lok LOL

but we all know charmaines her fav ><


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