Toby Leung accompanies Natalie Tong through the hardest times

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Toby Leung accompanies Natalie Tong through the hardest times

Post by Matchbox on Mon Jul 06, 2009 8:11 am

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Source: Sun

This year Natalie Tong has encountered many unhappy incidents. Since Natalie's mother passed away, rumored boyfriend Amigo Chui was reported cheating on her. Outsiders thought it was too much for her to take in but she handled each matter comfortably. Natalie has developed a very good sister friendship with Toby Leung. Although their friendship is not very deep Toby has accompanied Natalie through the toughest times.

Both of them have been in the industry for a few years. But have never worked together until the series "The Threshold of a Persona". Seeing each other day and night the pair became good friends. In the series they have a love triangle with Patrick Tang but in real life they both said together "Definitely not".

Toby Leung: T
Natalie Tong : N

T: It seems like Natalie and me have swapped characters. In the series she is very independent and I am afraid of everything. But in real life she is like my older sister. I need to take care of her instead.

N: I enjoy acting because I can play characters different to my real self. In the series we both like the same guy but in real life we don't.

T: Certainly not the same guy! I am strange, my boyfriend doesn't need to be goodlooking or be rich. It just depends on the feeling. The more simple the better. But he must enjoy playing sports. what about you?

N: In the past I would choose guys who are tall and handsome. But now he's not tall or handsome.

T: He's Okay. Hahaha

N: Yeah, He is handsome to me.

Have Patience to find their prince

Reporter: Are you both talking about Amigo Chui?

N: Wah! Of course I'm not going to answer that

Reporter: Amigo is often captured going to night clubs and flirting. Does this make you mad?

N: Why would it? We are friends. Everyone has the right to choose. If he feels that it isn't a problem then that's okay. As a friend I will chat about it if necessary.

T: Questions about love cannot be answered by others. But love is blind, even when friends persuade you out of it or scold you, you will have the urge to continue. Just like a child playing with fire. People tell them it's hot but they want to play with it. As a friend we can only support them and as long as they are happy.

Reporter: Toby you have been rumored with Michael Miu, Ron Ng and Eric Li. how do you feel?

T: Michael Miu is like my uncle. I don't a see problem holding hands with your uncle. But people will gossip about it and I will avoid doing that now. As for Ron Ng, I find it strange. He is just like an older brother to me. But we will definitely not date each other. I wanted to get to know Eric Li because he is very cute. He always plays the bad guy in TV series but in real life I wonder why he is so nice?

Reporter: Since you admire him (Eric Li) that much does that mean you will have a chance to date?

T: Ha? I enjoy acting and I will observe both guys and girls. I think every girl wants to find their prince. But this requires a lot of time. The person that understands me probably works in the entertainment field but I will not think about it unless it happens naturally. You might think I am tomboyish but I am someone who can become extremely gentle in love.

N: In the past I didn't know how to handle relationships. Perhaps it's because no one took care of me when I was a child so I would enjoy losing my temper. I upset many guys even in the street. I am much better at handling relationships now, I have learned to be patient and forgiving. I look forward to having my own family in the future.

Friendships - Natalie is grateful for Toby's support

Toby and father Tommy Leung Ka Shu TVB producer

T: Everyone knows my Daddy works for TVB. (TVB Producer Tommy Leung Ka Shu). Many people feel that I used my parents to get into the industry. But actually I started off as a singer. I am always being criticized and my family feel the pain. But as you get older you find that you cannot moan about it anymore. I was the one that chose this path. The audience will not look at the process they will only see the result. I only hope that everyone will slowly accept me. I don't need people to say [Wow! Your so great!]. Neither do I need to be the main female lead. I just enjoy acting and want people to see me improve. To give me a chance.

N: I was raised in an incomplete family. Since childhood my parents separated for work. During elementary school I started to go to school myself. I would eat dinner with my brother every day. Many things would be resolved by myself. I would stay at home all the time and got used to being alone. I even went to Lai Chi Kok amusement park myself.

T: I have also been through hard times. It's not like I haven't had to work since a child. I have worked in Sham Sui Po printing paper boxes, teaching people to swim, teaching English, making bubble tea, cleaning etc. I have done quite a lot of jobs.

Making friends depends on fate

N: I haven't had that much work experience. While I was studying in secondary school someone approached me to be a model. At the time things were okay moneywise and my mom didn't give me any pressure. She only told me that in a working environment it doesn't mean you have to make friends there. That's why meeting Toby is fate.

T: I don't need many friends. I only have 3 friends that I have maintained close contact with in the industry. They are Angela Tong, Van Jai (Vangie Tang) and Natalie Tong. Not sure whether it's because Natalie is very skinny, that's why I really have the urge to protect her. Also, we aren't that smart so we get along well.

N: Perhaps, because our backgrounds are different. She is very optimistic. But I am more negative, I will always look at things negatively.

T: Earlier Natalie's mom passed away. I directly took a flight from ShenZhen to spend time with her. Although I couldn't do much to help, as a friend I will certainly be there to support her.

N: To be honest in the past I felt making friends in the industry was really hard. Although everyone would see each other night and day for 3 months. Afterwards the whole cast would move on to another series and other jobs. The feeling would be cold and you would be waiting to see who would make the next move. Toby accompanied me for 2 days during my mom's funeral. I am very grateful. She has experienced unhappy times too.

Reporter: Toby has been busy filming in Shenzhen recently but took time out to meet up with good friend Natalie. Originally they planned to go shopping together, but Toby was followed by the paparazzi's the whole day. Natalie comforted her and said "It's Okay, they are following you because you have reporting value. Afterwards I will go shopping with you".
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Re: Toby Leung accompanies Natalie Tong through the hardest times

Post by serendipity on Mon Jul 06, 2009 1:36 pm

(; so natalie and toby were best friends in reall ife AND in a threshold of a persona ;D


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Re: Toby Leung accompanies Natalie Tong through the hardest times

Post by Vivien on Mon Jul 06, 2009 5:31 pm

That's cute how they became such good friends because of a drama. And poor Toby, people are always criticizing her. I've always thought she was an okay actress, hope people will give her a chance. And she sings pretty well too.

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Re: Toby Leung accompanies Natalie Tong through the hardest times

Post by summer7879 on Tue Jul 07, 2009 12:28 am

Sound like they be come good sisters after the series " a threshold of a persona '
i do like Natalie alot in the series, Toby just ok only...

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Re: Toby Leung accompanies Natalie Tong through the hardest times

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