Wong Hei and Kevin Cheng made opposite remarks

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Wong Hei and Kevin Cheng made opposite remarks

Post by summer7879 on Wed Jul 08, 2009 9:58 pm

Credit : Source: MingPao/On.cc (image)
Translator: R.E.D @ http://www.asianvn.com

Wong Hei and Kevin Cheng made opposite remarks

There were rumors that Wong Hei and Kevin Cheng did not get along when filming "Burning Flame III". The first episode 36 points average rating and peaked at 38 points. Kevin said if it can reach 40 points, he would suggest to the male artist to wear swimming trunk for photo shoot. Wong Hei, on the other hand said that he disagreed. He made a remark saying if the rating has dropped down to 20, are the male artists going to have their heads cut off? He reckoned whether the feedback of a series is good or bad, the artists should not be responsible for its outcome. He went on to say even only one person is watching, he would continue to work on it. Wong Hei disclosed that he always has his pictures secretly taken by the paparazzi, wearing only his pants anyway, and he can use those pictures. Talking about the rumor that he is not getting on well with Kevin, Wong Hei responded by saying although they are not friends, that doesn't mean they don't get on.

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Re: Wong Hei and Kevin Cheng made opposite remarks

Post by serendipity on Thu Jul 09, 2009 12:39 pm

uh ohh ... it really seems like they don`t get along o_o


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