G.E.M replaces Elanne Kong as Citicall's new spokesperson

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G.E.M replaces Elanne Kong as Citicall's new spokesperson

Post by Matchbox on Thu Jul 09, 2009 10:43 am

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G.E.M replaces Elanne Kong as Citicall's new spokesperson

Recently G.E.M has replaced Elanne Kong in becoming the new spokesperson for Citicall. As well as earning a 7 digit sum, the advertising company have even created a new image for G.E.M for the advertisement full of facial expressions. It is said that the reason she was favored was because the advertising company knew the people working with her. They were introduced by connections and got on well instantly.

Elanne Kong who was the spokesperson for Citicall the last 2 years has always maintained a good relationship with the advertising company.

Surrenders making faces for 10 hours

G.E.M often makes different facial expressions. In order to use her talent the advertising company requested her to make faces during the shooting. It includes the famous "Goldfish face" expression. Due to making faces for over 10 hours, G.E.M who is full of energy wanted to surrender. She said "I feel like I am competing in a face changing competition. I even ran out of goldfish face expressions".

As for replacing Elanne Kong because her company staff knew the advertising company well, G.E.M stated that wasn't the case and that she will use Elanne as her goal. She said "In the past when I saw Elanne's advertisement I would stop by and glance at it. I hope people will look at my advertisement when it's released". G.E.M also promoted her new single "All About You" at the radio station yesterday. She stated that she is currently exercising to lose weight. "My makeup artist told me not to eat any foods with starch but I found it hard to resist after 1 day".

More Advertisements for Elanne

Elanne's management responded by saying that they didn't feel G.E.M had stole Elanne's work. They even stressed that Elanne ended the contract with the advertising company in a happy manner. "Each company has their own set of rules. We weren't able to fulfil the companies requirements this time. Elanne has a lot of upcoming work to do. As well as advertisements in discussion, she will also be entering the Mandarin market. Her fans needn't worry".

Elanne was shooting her new MV "有請下位" yesterday. She made it clear that Pakho Chau was not the male star that was reported pursuing her. She said "It's not him. I pity him to be dragged into it. I haven't phoned him yet as I just returned from Thailand. But I will apologise to him".
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Re: G.E.M replaces Elanne Kong as Citicall's new spokesperson

Post by serendipity on Thu Jul 09, 2009 12:37 pm

if i were the company, i`d totally pick gem over elanne .


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