Ron Ng calls Elanne Kong not cute, not pretty & not that hard working

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Ron Ng calls Elanne Kong not cute, not pretty & not that hard working

Post by summer7879 on Thu Jul 16, 2009 10:04 pm

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Ron Ng calls Elanne Kong not cute, not pretty & not that hard working

Earlier Elanne Kong exposed that she had a male artist pursuer who once collaborated with her and this had become one of the main topics in the entertainment circle. People suspect the artists could be Pakkho Chau or Ron Ng. The person who is most suspcious is Ron Ng because he helped Elanne write her new book. In order to kill off all the suspicions, he strongly stomped on Elanne saying she was "not pretty" and "not cute".

Will be releasing her new "Little Princess" book on July 22nd, Elanne Kong used her entertainment circle connections and invited Michael Tse, Michael Miu and rumored boyfriend Ron Ng to help her out in writing it.

Earlier Elanne exposed that there was a male artist who she once collaborated that was strongly pursuing her, coincidentally Ron Ng was the suspected pursuer. To help a friend and to kill off the suspicions, Ron stressed that he is not Elanne's "Lucky Prince" and the two would often refer each other as "brothers". He also bounced one statement to Elanne: "Among all the girls I've seen, Elanne Kong is one of the most not pretty, not cute and not that hard working girls. But she relies on herself to survive in the industry and also she does have talent as a newcomer."

Although Ron did not spare Elanne a chance, Ron and Elanne's relationship is definitely very good. He expressed that during the time when they were filming, he would often play with her: "One time we were using rattan whips to "fit" each other and we were playing all the way into the costume room!"

Michael Miu praises Elanne that she is made of wood, and refers her as his daughter: "This daughter because of her workload, she is often not by her "dad's" side.... but daughter would call back from time to time and would comfort me. I know that she has confidence in me, so writing a section in the book, of course Dad will help you out!"

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