Niki Chow will use stamp instead of signature at book fair

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Niki Chow will use stamp instead of signature at book fair

Post by summer7879 on Fri Jul 17, 2009 10:51 pm

Credit : Source: Takungpao
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Niki Chow will use stamp instead of signature at book fair

Niki Chow was learning flower arrangement for the programme "Entertainment Flagship Store" for Metro Radio yesterday. Niki revealed that she has been receiving flowers from her fans recently, but hasn't received from male friends for a long time. Niki reckoned flowers will died, therefore she is not keen getting flowers, not even on valentine's day.

In this year's book fair, Niki has written a documentary novel called "Happiness" in which she describes her experience since entering the entertainment world 8 years ago. Reporter asked if she has included her love affairs in the book? Niki said she didn't mention any particular examples. Talking about some writers have produced sexy portrait style of books for display in the book fair, Niki smiled, saying that she has also got some sexy pictures in her book. That was a picture taken when she was in the hot spring, wrapped by a towel. Niki stressed that her book doesn't contain any adult materials. Recently, some internet users have initiated that those books with sexy images should be thrown out from the book fair.

Niki has arranged her autograph session in the book fair, and she will be using a stamp to substitute for the signature. The stamp was designed by her specially for this book fair.

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