Leila Tong participates in a “Save the Dogs” campaign

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Leila Tong participates in a “Save the Dogs” campaign

Post by summer7879 on Tue Jul 21, 2009 3:32 am

Credit : Translated by: Phixster @ AsianFanatics

Leila Tong participates in a “Save the Dogs” campaign

Nowadays people living in the city are losing personal relationships and neighbours may not even say hello to each other. But Leila has a lot of helpful neighbours and she feels very lucky.

Leila: “Because I live in a village complex, personal relationships and human interactions are very close. Neighbours are like really good friends, even relatives! Whenever there is a problem, everyone will help each other. One time a neighbour’s dog hurt their waist and because the owner was a girl, she didn’t have enough strength to carry it to the vet. She just stood there with tears in her eyes watching her dog painfully crying, so she could only phone for help. When we neighbours received the call, we all immediately came to help, even the neighbour that had moved away came quickly in his car. In the end we all managed to take the large dog to the vet. At that time no one cared about how the look and just wore ordinary clothes we wear inside our house. Thinking about it now, the scene was really touching.”

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