Moses Chan only loves coffee and not women?

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Moses Chan only loves coffee and not women?

Post by summer7879 on Wed Jul 22, 2009 9:38 pm

Credit ; Yahoo! News

Moses Chan only loves coffee and not women?

A stark contrast from his past openness about his rumoured romance with Bernice Liu, Moses Chan, who was in town to promote TVB dramas The Gem of Life and Palace Scheme, tactfully darted all questions about his romance.

"Celebrities have too much to talk about. I hope romances can be kept as something private," the TVB actor said.

Though he was not too willing to discuss his romances, Chan was still all smiles and polite.

"The Hong Kong paparazzi are just formidable. I can't even go out for meals with ladies just by myself, and not implicate anyone. It's better to go out with a large group of friends these days," Chan said.

Having recently published a book on coffee, the coffee-enthusiast became more engaging when the questions were asked about his book, and of course coffee. Asked to name the most important thing in his life between coffee, career and romance, he laughed heartily, "My life consists of many things!"

He also revealed that he would always invite his co-stars to coffee.

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