Kevin Cheng gets very into his role against all odds (Part 2),

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Kevin Cheng gets very into his role against all odds (Part 2),

Post by summer7879 on Sat Jul 25, 2009 3:04 am

Credit : Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

"BF3" Three Heroes fight for the Best Show

"Burning Flames III" 3 main male leads, Wong He, Kevin Cheng and Bosco Wong are handsome, cute, and have fate with audience. Who is the hottest? Who is the most fit? Who has the best acting? These are all questions Netizens discuss and the answers are in their hands. Among the three, Netizens feel that Wong He looks the best as a fireman, "If there's 'Burning Flames' then there's Wong He". That comment is seen often in discussions, for Wong He's acting being the dominating one, Netizens also agree to that. For Kevin Cheng's character, he is faithful and loyal. Bosco Wong is cute and also has many supporters!

NOTICE: There are four parts to this article. One about each of the three male leads and one about all 3:
WONG HE (Part 3)

*I am in the process of translating the rest.... Stay Tuned.
Kevin Cheng gets very into his role against all odds

Kevin Cheng has been in the entertainment industry for many years, with one rumor of not getting along with Wong He in "Burning Flames 3", he considers that as a life experience. However, the two men stressed that they have a "colleague" relationship and even did all the "surface exchange" work to prove their relationship!

Last year, "BF3" was filming for a few months, Kevin describes the process as a physical, mental and spirtual's big test. Besides the difficult filming process as a fireman, he also had to face the constant rumors strongly. He was involved with rumors of not getting along with Wong He and relationship troubles in the triangle love with rumored girlfriends Charmaine Sheh and Niki Chow. It was a troublesome scene.

"In those few months, I had the most gossips, almost the entire HK knew that I was on the headlines, but I did not let this affect my work performance. So, every day when I go to work I would remind myself, I need to use my abilities to show that I can do this series, then all is overcome. I would talk to friends about my problems, sometimes even Myolie Wu knew that I was unhappy, she would comfort me and told me 'Don't be like that! It's nonsense!' as an encouragement. She wouldn't add more pressure on me, but instead allowed me to focus on my acting. She's a real good partner."

Wong He opinions are different, it is only for the series
As for the 'storm' on not getting along with Wong He, He felt that it's not really a rumor, "Both of us know deep down that its for the good of the series, but it is impossible for everyone to have the same opinions, sometimes we deal with the scene differently. We also have the Director make the final decisions. The most important is that we all want the best for the series. I don't feel that is such a big problem. It is just that since I've enter the industry, I have never had any rumors with anyone else that we didn't get along. You all could go back and check the records and see this is my own experience. Actually 7 years ago when I first joined TVB, I played brothers with Wong He in "BF2", now we are opposite. This time, we have another opportunity to collaborate, it is the same thing, we are colleagues!"

There are a lot of firefighting scenes in "BF3", filming occurred in the summer, Kevin suggested to Producer Amy Wong that she should hire a stunts double quickly. "I was worried that I would not be able to withstand the heat, so I hired a substitute to help out on my own. At least sometimes if I couldn't take the scene on myself, there will be someone else to substitute me. Of course, if it is too dangerous, I will do it myself. Results, the substitute worked for a day and within the 12 hours of work, he sat there for 11 hours. He only did one or two scenes for me. He also couldn't take it any longer thinking, he doesn't want the money anymore because most of the scenes the Director requested that I do it. In the end, I just did them all myself."

Most Memorable: Saved a girl in a fire
In the series, the firefighting scenes are quite realistic, the cast are at risk that an unexpected accident might happen. Kevin's most memorable scene was in episode 12, where he was with Wong He saying a little girl who was stuck in a fire. "This scene talked about Wong He falling into a pit and I was trying to pull him up from above, but a falling piece of glass from two stories above fell and knocked me out. This piece of glass fell from a restaurant and was very large. During filming, the glass was not expected to completely burst open, it was a direct hit and even though I had a helmet on, I still felt a little dizzy. If the glass fell on Wong He, who didn't have a helmet on, then I cannot think of what could happen! This scene was quite dangerous. I also experienced filming many hours of fire scenes in the 35 C degrees weather. Afterwards, I felt dehydrated and felt like I couldn't breathe for 45 minutes. After drinking lots of water, I was okay."

Learning Ice Hockey
Last year when they were filming for this series, the Golden Harvest building experienced a level 5 fire, two firemen were killed in the fire. Kevin and the other cast members felt that it was a pity. "The spirit the firemen had for us citizens makes me respect them greatly. It is noble work that they do. After the previous two series of Burning Flames, there were a group of people who went to apply to become a fireman, hoping that more people would join the firefighters." Besides fire scenes, he felt that the other challenging scenes were that Director wanted him to play Ice Hockey. "At that time, I was also in 'Strictly Come Dancing', I didn't have any time to practice. Playing ice hockey is all about the skills, so I used my spare time when I didn't have to work to go learn how to play. It was not that hard to overcome though." For his role in "BF3", Kevin really put in a lot of effort into his work. Don't just look at his nice physical appearance, but he does do a lot of extra work for the series.

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Re: Kevin Cheng gets very into his role against all odds (Part 2),

Post by Vivien on Sat Jul 25, 2009 2:58 pm

The scene in episode 12 sounds really dangerous. So lucky that it didn't fall on Wong He or else he would really be in the hospital. I don't recall seeing a lot from that scene though.



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