Niki Chow has support from fans all over the world

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Niki Chow has support from fans all over the world

Post by summer7879 on Sun Jul 26, 2009 10:59 pm

Credit : Source:MingPao/Takungpao/Wenweipo(image)
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Niki Chow has support from fans all over the world

Niki Chow was at the book fair yesterday for her stamp session. Apart from her local fans, some fans came from as far as Taiwan, Singapore and the US. Talking about the media report that her ex rumored boyfriend Kevin Cheng and Charmaine Sheh were followed by the paparazzi. Kevin got Charmaine out of the car, and than left her on the road. Niki said that has nothing to do with her. Reporter asked if she had experienced being dumped by the roadside? Niki said "Never, I won't chuck him out either. I hope no one will treat me like that, I don't want that type of guy."

The reporter made a remark that Niki has been watching Kevin in "Burning Flame III". Niki was embarrassed, saying "I am supporting the producer". She was asked if she only wants to watch Wong Hei, but not the others, Niki replied "No, don't push me, I didn't say that. (Are you giving your book to some old friends?) Buy it themsleves, after reading it they will find happiness." (Will you be giving Charmaine your book?) Niki reacted straight away "Wow, the book shop sells it, the book fair sells it too, and it isn't expensive." Talking about the book written by Stephy Tang has a lot of mistakes, Niki responded " My book was proof read and has been edited."

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