Stephanie Cheng sexually harassed at shopping mall event

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Stephanie Cheng sexually harassed at shopping mall event

Post by Matchbox on Wed Jul 29, 2009 8:08 am

Source: Takungpao
Translated by: matchbox @

Stephanie Cheng sexually harassed at shopping mall event

The other day while Stephanie Cheng attended an shopping mall event in Tseung Kwan O, a man sexually harassed her by grabbing her chest. Stephanie reported the incident to the police overnight. Yesterday morning she went to Commerical radio at 11.30am to do an interview and appeared very tired. When she saw the large group of reporters surrounding her, she couldn't resist to put her hands over her chest area. When Stephanie talked about the sexual harassment incident she appeared very calm and strong. However when she saw good friend Kitty Yuen she couldn't resist the tears.

Yesterday Stephanie's female assistant accompanied her to the radio station. Afterwards 4 more of her assistants arrived. There were over 20 reporters surrounding Stephanie and she did appear to feel somewhat uncomfortable, covering her chest area with her hands. Andes Yue who interviewed her on the radio was also the host for the shopping mall event. He asked her how she currently felt? she replied "Actually I am good because yesterday I reported the details to the police. I also replied to reporters phone calls and spoke to my colleagues, as well as my family on the phone. I returned home around 1-2am".

Police informed her not to give out the full details

When discussing the feeling of being sexually harassed, Stephanie said "Well I was certainly afraid, at that moment I was thinking what actually happened". She expressed that the police have taken a brief account of the incident and informed her not to tell anyone the full details. She thanked her friends for their concerns and has yet to reply to 30 SMS messages. The reporter asked if she had trouble sleeping over what had happened? Stephanie said she could sleep but had a bad headache. The shopping mall event's theme was promoting health and the T-shirt she wore was arranged by the organisers. She couldn't believe something like that would happen there.

Stephanie stated that she did not know the man but noticed the man gave out big body gestures. She told the people around her to be careful of him because there were many children around. She is normally very careful, even though there are security guards she will still remain alert. The reporter asked if she was covering her chest area at the time? she stated that she didn't because a reporter was calling her and she greeted them, therefore she didn't protect herself. (Will she be scared of going to a public event now?) She said "I will certainly be more careful or perhaps I will ask an colleague to accompany me". She revealed that the case is now passed on to police and she is very calm about it.

When the incident happened she didn't want to say anything. She wanted to calm herself down and didn't want to say the wrong things. (Will she warn other female artistes to be more careful?) She said "Not only artistes, everyone should be aware. Most important is to protect yourself. If you don't feel comfortable you should say something". (Has the incident tramatised you?) "No, it's just a unhappy thing to experience".

Forgot what her rumored boyfriend said

After doing the radio interview, Stephanie accepted a interview with the reporter. The reporter asked if she cried when she got home? She said "When I got home I was very angry". (Did you end up crying?) "yes". (Did you shower straight away?) "I'm not going to talk about these things. I think I have handled this matter in the most appropriate way". The reporter asked if her boyfriend was worried about her? She replied "I don't have a boyfriend". The reporter was referring to her rumored boyfriend Ben Chong. She stated that she had forgot what he had said to her because she received a lot of phone calls and SMS messages. (Will she temporarily avoid dressing up sexy?) She felt that dressing up sexy shouldn't be linked to the incident itself.
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Re: Stephanie Cheng sexually harassed at shopping mall event

Post by Blossom on Thu Jul 30, 2009 9:55 am

Oh my goodness, poor Stephanie! How can a guy just go up and grab her chest Shocked

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