Derek Kwok takes off his pants, Esther Kwan: There's nothing to see

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Derek Kwok takes off his pants, Esther Kwan: There's nothing to see

Post by summer7879 on Thu Jul 30, 2009 11:13 pm

Credit ; Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Derek Kwok takes off his pants, Esther Kwan: There's nothing to see

Esther Kwan and Derek Kwok were on the set filming for their new series. The two were suspected for elopement and are sent to court. Results, Derek took off his pants in public to prove his innocence. Derek sacrificed his body for the scene, but Esther laughed: "Nothing to see".

In Esther and Derek's new series "The Five Flavors of Life", they have an ordinary relationship. The other day, they were in ancestral court for a public trial scene. To protect his beloved Esther, he sacrificed himself by taking off his pants in front of everyone to prove that he was innocent, announcing that he was an eunuch. This was strong evidence that he and Esther did not have an affair. Asked Derek if he was embarrassed to take off his pants in public? He laughed: "I am used to filming these scenes, I am only afraid that other people (audience) would feel awkward watching it, but I personally am not embarrassed." Actually Derek feels more embarrassed doing intimate scenes, he is most afraid of intimate scenes. Fortunately in this series, he's only an eunuch, there won't be any of those kinds of scenes.

Thanks to Derek's sacrifice, Esther doesn't have to get drowned (jum jue lung). Watching Derek take off his pants, she said that there is no embarrassment. She laughed: "Cheh.... there is nothing to see. He is an eunuch! Actually how are eunuch really? How much is cut no one seen before, maybe we need to ask an eunuch to show us the information."

Filming in the hot weather, Esther, Derek and Michelle Yim were feeling very hot constantly sweating. Esther said that she's already used to the heat after so many days of filming. Asked if she made her Film King husband Nick Cheung be responsible for taking care of their daughter? Esther smiled: "I believe so. Actually I don't contact him that much!" In fact, after Esther finishes working on this series, she will be collaborating with Nick in a new movie. The couple will both have to take turns to care for their daughter and also go to work.

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