Burning Flames III: At the life and death moment, save others and yourself

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Burning Flames III: At the life and death moment, save others and yourself

Post by summer7879 on Sun Aug 02, 2009 10:17 pm

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Burning Flames III: At the life and death moment, save others and yourself

Burning Flames is a drama that Producer Amy Wong has put in great effort. Gaining experience from filming the first two sequels, she is all handy when filming this third sequel. Besides showing the thrills and excitement of rescue operations, she also brought out the various "feelings"disputes among people and the message on "Saving others and yourself".

The two main leads in the drama, Wong Hei and Kevin Cheng, whether at work or during personal time, they have intense burst of conflict. In real life, there are even rumours that both of them are not on good terms. Amy Wong stepped out to explain!

"Saving others and yourself" is the spirit of Burning Flames 3. Through the various characters and cases in the drama, this positive message is conveyed across. Amy said: "when people face difficulties, they shouldn't give up. As long as they are willing to try, there will definitely be a way to solve it. The third sequel of "Burning Flames", is different from my previous styles. However the characters and storyline has totally no link from the previous sequels. In comparision, this sequel has more pressure and more difficulties because we have to show something that has never been filmed before. When we first prepared for it, we have to consider if Wong Hei is still joining as he has died in the second sequel. In the end, we decided to use him and then design his role so that it will be different from the first two sequels."

Wong Hei and Kevin compete in the drama and in real life

Amy continued: "The first two sequels showed the frontline of the fire department and their various equipments. This sequel concentrates on the depiction of human nature. Wong Hei's character is a man who is very stubborn, everything that he does, he must do til 120%. This is all because of his father's influence. His father is a farmer, who thinks knowledge can make one rich. He hopes that his son will be able to bring the family out of poverty. Under the high pressure, Wong Hei managed to become a fireman after all the hard work. However, because of his persistence, it may influence other people, hence it becomes a weakness in his personality! Thus, i wrote another character who is opposite of him, and that is taken on by Kevin Cheng. He is naturally good loking, grew up in a warm and loving family. His father shoulders all the responsibility. However, when his father passed away, he "woke up" and realised that he needs to change. He needs to take care of his mother and sister. Hence, he went to apply to become a fireman. Although he may not be able to really shoulder all the responsibility but he is always lucky. Being good looking has its advantage, the road of life is smoother too. He became Wong Hei's strong opponent. They started off as good friends but in the end, because of work and romance, they had disputes and during the process of maturing, they learnt what is "Save others and yourself". Audience will be captured by it!" Wong Hei and Kevin had disputes in the drama, and in real life, they are rumoured that they are not on good terms. Amy explained: " When we started filming the fire scenes during June and July last year, the weather was very hot. People gets irritated and bad mood easily. Casts also have to wear the fireman suit and film in a hot, difficult and dangerous environment. There is definitely some pressure. Two big man having some frictions is normal. When the filming is over, everything is okay, it's not some serious hatred! During filming, both of them are very professional. The small matter was being blown up. At that time, Kevin had a lot of rumours, was troubled, can't expect him to come to work smiling everyday.But it did not affect the filming at all."

Myolie is entangled in a triangle relationship

As Wong Hei and Kevin Characters are too hard, Amy added Bosco Wong in the middle to help ease the tention. She said: "Bosco's character is very optimistic and warm, very suitable for him. Wong Hei and Kevin are Bosco's mentor one after another. Hence when both are them are not on good terms, Bosco is caught in the middle, how will he handle it? It is talking about the brotherhood between three of them." On the ladies side, Myolie, Wong Hei and kevin are in a triangle relationship. "Myolie's previous drama characters are all very enthusiastic. This time, i requested for her to try a new acting style. Don't deliberately act, even if she does act, must be something that people don't think she did act. Her character is a lady who is very strong in the inside, but looked very soft and weak and needs to be protected. Due to her family background, she is always thinking for others, drowning herself. Even at the cross point of her love relationship, she can't tell if she still loves Wong Hei or is afraid to hurt him. Thus, triggering the dispute between Wong Hei and Kevin. The other female role, Aimee Chan, grew up in an orphanage, cheerful, real. She joined the police force because she wanted to serve the society and love challengers. She and Bosco had a disciplined love and is a happy pair."

Amy Wong is satisfied with the casts' performance

As for the casts performance, Amy Wong said that personally she has very high expectations but she is satisfied. "In the beginning, the casts may not know the whole of my expectations. They need to adjust slowly. Towards the end, some of the scenes turned out to be better than i thought. Bosco has the most easy role because this type of role isn't anything new to him. Wong Hei's character is difficult as in real life, he is someone who is very explosive and outspoken when there is injustice. This is different from his character in the drama where he is a villager who is very down to earth. I have to slowly lead him into his character. Sometimes i will tell him that he is acting too lively! This character is very pitiful, as the story developes, there will be something different, he acted very real! I requested for Kevin to be a good looking guy, isn't difficult for him. However, i arranged a lot of difficult actions for him. He has to learnt ice hockey. Myolie is very smart, she knows very clearly of my expectations." Amy said that there is no pressure on the TV points. "i'm neutral as every drama will have different audience. I only present the final product to people, and the most important is that the audience enjoys it."

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