Myolie Wu Doesn't Have Fate With 'Great Maid-servant'

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Myolie Wu Doesn't Have Fate With 'Great Maid-servant'

Post by summer7879 on Thu Aug 06, 2009 10:18 pm

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Myolie Wu Doesn't Have Fate With 'Great Maid-servant'

Not long ago, TVB's leading Fadan, Myolie Wu, quietly arrived in Hengdian, and entered the Beauty Scheme cast. She acts a good-natured, gentle and kind-hearted wife of a royal duke, Lui Yue.

It was originally planned that after Myolie Wu finishes her filming for Beauty Scheme, she will immediately join another Yu Zheng production, which is a joint-cooperation with ETV Hunan TV Station - a pre-modern series, Great Maid-servant. Myolie Wu already has a general idea of the drama plot, and is attracted to the beautiful and smart, and straightforward in her feelings - the fate of the illegitimate daughter, Sang Choi Qing. Her personality is very similar to Myolie's own character, and she really wishes to experience the feel of love a century ago.

Before Myolie Wu came to Hengdian, she had done 'TVB Stars Mega Live' concert in Malaysia with Ron Ng, Bosco Wong, King Kong and Vivien Yeo. After that, she had to hurriedly film the Have Intention MV. The reason for having such a hectic schedule is to hope that she can take up the Sang Choi Qing character after completing Lui Yue. But due to previous schedule clashes, her manager had backed out. On the other hand, Myolie liked the character very much, so the production team said that the role should only belong to Myolie. However, as the team did not wish for the work schedule to be affected, thus in the end, they could only search for someone else

Yu Zheng expressed that though Myolie Wu had no fate for Great Maid-servant, but the role will be taken up by another actress of suitable calibre too.

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