Kenneth Ma Filming in Lan Gwai Fong

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Kenneth Ma Filming in Lan Gwai Fong

Post by summer7879 on Sat Aug 08, 2009 12:59 am

Credit : hyn5 @

Kenneth Ma Filming in Lan Gwai Fong

Kenneth Ma, Stephen Huyhn, and Cake Wong were spotted filming "Shall We State the Case" in Lan Gwai Fong. Former Miss Asia 2007 contestant Manecy Chan and other ATV artistes were also in Lan Gwai Fong doing Miss Asia recruitment activities.

When Manecy, who previously expressed that she had a crush on Kenneth for eight years, saw him, she wanted to take a picture with him. However, TVB crew members wanted to avoid being used for promotional purposes, so they left the area immediately. It was only after the ATV artistes left that they returned to Lan Gwai Fong to continue filming. Manecy expressed she was disappointed she didn't get to take a picture with Kenneth: "I really like him. When I saw him, I wanted to cry. I only wanted to take a picture with him, but they all left!"

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