Ming Weekly #2125 - Perhaps Too Young Back Then: Myolie Wu

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Ming Weekly #2125 - Perhaps Too Young Back Then: Myolie Wu

Post by summer7879 on Sat Aug 08, 2009 1:03 am

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Ming Weekly #2125 - Perhaps Too Young Back Then: Myolie Wu

Myolie Wu came from the same batch of 1999 Miss HK as Sonija Kwok. During her 10 years in this industry, I’ve come into contact with her every now and then. Felt that she’s not someone whom will give in just to get on the right side of another person. If talk about Myolie’s EQ, it’s even……Whether she likes it or not, you can tell a little from her expression. Straightforward and doing what she likes, she even had an unpleasant experience with the media before. But coming to today, she had a little change already, becoming happier. Myolie admitted that back then, she had once offended people. She laughed and said, “Had learnt my lesson! Will also change! When I first entered this industry, there were many things which I had no idea on how to handle well, especially when facing some untrue reports. Adding on that I was a little more emotional when I was younger, thus if I had any unhappiness, I would show it out. Didn’t know how to conceal and protect myself. But in this line, I’ve learnt throughout the long period of time. As one grows up, one will learn from the experiences. Of course, emotions management and relationship contacts are a very profound area of knowledge.”

Facing with the competition in her career, and still need to handle the pressure from audiences’ comments, there are many rumors and news going around in the entertainment industry. Recently, there were artistes whom went on the wrong path due to stress, but Myolie confidently said, “Can be rest assured about this. I’ve many methods to balance out my stress level. Not afraid even if the paparazzi are tailing me. I can still purchase things even if I don’t step out of my house. I like online shopping a lot. Slowly sit in front of the computer and choose my favorite brands and look at beautiful clothes. It’s a very big entertainment for me. On the other hand, I’ve taken a liking towards baking. Bought many books to study on it. When I concentrate fully on trying to make the dough more balanced, then make it into bread, I can forget all the troubles. And when a group of friends have tried my bread and complimented that it’s good, I really have a huge sense of satisfaction. And also, most importantly, it’s an emotional consolation too!” Did rumored boyfriend, Bosco Wong, help you? Myolie immediately said, “No lah! It’s my elder sister. She studied psychological counseling. So it’s similar to a case study. She talked to me like a counselor. After talking, she would analyze with me on another position as my elder sister. If I’ve problems, I’ll feel better after saying them out.”

Being Electrified By Kevin Cheng

Some people feel that it’s difficult to find a true friend in the entertainment circle. Myolie admitted that there aren’t many people whom she can speak her inner, true words with. “Sometimes, won’t talk too deeply with artistes from the same level. I might have nothing, but some reports like to use everyone to compare here and there. Both parties might not have a deep friendship, so just let nature takes its course! Furthermore, I’m considered lucky, having to befriend Nancy Wu, Sharon Chan, and Christine Ng. These true friends whom we can trust in one another, and not afraid of saying our secrets.” If that’s the case, for male friends, isn’t Bosco the closest? “Many are friends. Good friends with Amigo Chui too. But they won’t know as much stuff as the girl friends!” Recently, there were rumors that Myolie and Bosco had broken up. She did not admit or deny, but from her words, it seemed to carry another meaning, “There are always news. I’ve never admitted about us being together. Just find that looking for a person who’s suitable for me isn’t easy. I don’t wish to have any unserious dates. If can’t find, not dating will be even more comfortable!” Not wishing to talk a lot on Bosco, but on the other hand, when talking about her partner in Burning Flames 3, Kevin Cheng, she began to talk more. “I got to know him better after SCD2. But this time, there were many relationship scenes in the drama. Feels very refreshing. And also, he’s really handsome. When filming, I was really being electrified by him. He’s next up after Tony Leung. Luckily my foundation is considered quite deep! (In the drama, it’s two men, Wong Hei and Kevin Cheng, fighting over you!) In reality, I won’t enjoy this at all. A love triangle is very agonizing. I’m a Scorpio. Will quickly cut off it. Short-term pain is better than long-term agony. Definitely won’t drag it!”

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