Ming Pao Weekly #2126: Talk about relationship With Myolie Wu, Bosco is saving for marriage

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Ming Pao Weekly #2126: Talk about relationship With Myolie Wu, Bosco is saving for marriage

Post by summer7879 on Sat Aug 08, 2009 11:00 pm

Credit ; to Linnette @ http://myoliewuhangyee.com/forum

Translations on Myolie's part:

Rumoured couple Bosco and Myolie meet again in Burning Flames 3. Although they don't have a love relationship in there but they are still the focus of the media. Recently there have been rumours saying that they have ended their 4 years underground relationship. It was also mentioned that the female has changed the male our of the house. The interesting thing is, Bosco is really planning to buy a house this year. Are they really planning to settle down?

Every time, when one meets Bosco, one can't help but ask: "How are you and Myolie?" Then he will always laugh and said: "Are you trying to be funny?" But, recently there have been various news saying that they have broken up, from Myolie being unhappy with Bosco playing missing in action, suspecting that he has an affair, feeling that her career cannot advance because of the relationship, thus chasing him out of the house after break up. With regards to these news, Bosco said it seriously: "We have never admitted before."

Love life is stable

Since 2005, after Bosco and Myolie collaborated in War of In laws together, they have been rumoured that their feelings for each other have become real outside of the drama. This relationship has been rumoured for 4 years. Bosco who is turning 30 next year suddenly said: "hope to make new plans again in my life." With regards to his love life, he doesn't avoid talking about Myolie now, "She is a good girl, serious about her work, especially her performance. She is a bit like Ah Jeh (Liza Wang), have very high expectations, character is very free and open, not petty." What is the relationship now? "I can only say, we are understanding and getting to know each other." Heard that TVB doesn't allow their artistes to date openly, what can be said, Bosco already tried to say.

Captions: Bosco and Myolie relationsip, real or fake? Believe that everyone already knows in their heart.

Page 2:

Talking about his plans for his marriage, we try to ask again. Is it stable in every aspect of his life? "Career not stable yet" (Love relationship?) "Ok, stable la, haha.." (Have you met the parents?) Have, regardless whether is it dating in the past or present. Let me go la!" Bosco's 'caught in a difficult situation' expression is quite funny, asked if his character has stabilize yet? He suddenly had a serious expression "almost 30 already, for a normal staff, can play till 40. but we are in this career, see many many people a day, one day is like a week. These few years, i have grown up a lot and i don't want to give people the feeling that i'm playful anymore."

Feel unjust for Myolie

People have many opinions and comments about Myolie's acting. Seeing how netizens criticize about her, Bosco said: "Opinions can be considered, i told her don't take it to heart, sometimes when i see her, also feel that she is sad. Don't have to bother too much la! Actually, i saw the discussions online and the reports in the papers, and felt sad. Hong Kong is already so small, when someone puts in a lot of hardwork and do, even if one feels that that it is good or bad, also don't hurt directly and pin point on it."

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