Moses Chan and Suzannah Kwan in Malaysia

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Moses Chan and Suzannah Kwan in Malaysia

Post by summer7879 on Sun Aug 09, 2009 10:01 pm

Credit : Source: MingPao/Ankolee アンコリー(image)
Translator: R.E.D @

Moses Chan and Suzannah Kwan in Malaysia

Moses Chan and Suzannah Kwan were in Penang promoting "Moonlight Resonance" for two days last week. Over one thousand fans turned up to support the activity. They cheered and screamed, making it a very noisy event. Moses and Susannah played marathon sign language with the fans. During their busy schedule, they visited a few shopping malls where Susannah also sang the theme song "Do you no ham" (無心害你) and earned a big round of applaud. Moses hopes "Moonlight Resonance" will supersede its predecessor series, "Heart of Greed" and get better rating report.

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