Raymond @ Lok Fook store opening with Yoyo Mung

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Raymond @ Lok Fook store opening with Yoyo Mung

Post by summer7879 on Tue Aug 11, 2009 10:23 pm

Credit : News Source: nddaily.com
Credits: http://raymondlam.org

Raymond @ Lok Fook store opening with Yoyo Mung

Responding to rumours of conflict during filming, Raymond Lam is not afraid to battle with Bosco Wong as the most evil character

On the 9th August, Raymond Lam and Yoyo Mung attended a jewellery store opening in Shenzhen. They attracted a large crowd and many fans, causing the roads to be completely blocked. There were tens of police (security?) called to control the crowd. When asked about this, Raymond Lam said, “Not too concerned, because there are always lots of people everytime I attend a promotion.”

Raymond and Bosco Wong recently collaborated in a series “Growing through life”. Raymond and Bosco are rivals in life and also rivals in love. Recently there had been news of their comparisons, and rumours of their personal conflicts. Raymond, who has the advantage in the music and television industry expressed, “I won’t comment on others, we entered the entertainment industry at around the same time and we know each other quite well. We won’t compare each other, it’s only other people who do these comparisons.” In the series they will both fight to the “most evil”, Raymond said, “we will communicate with each other about our roles, the goal is to achieve a good result in the end.”

Additionally, he revealed his “major project” this year is the release of a Mandarin album, “in the past I have to sing other people’s Mandarin songs, hopefully this year I will have my first Mandarin album.”

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