Kevin Cheng and Wong Hei distributing promotion leaflets separately

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Kevin Cheng and Wong Hei distributing promotion leaflets separately

Post by summer7879 on Wed Aug 12, 2009 9:26 pm

Credit : Source: Takungpao/MingPao (image)
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Kevin Cheng and Wong Hei distributing promotion leaflets separately

The cast of "Burning Flame III" was in Mongkok yesteday, promoting its final episode, hoping to get higher index rating. Wong Hei, Kevin cheng, Bosco Wong and Aimee Chan appeared in the street of Mingkok. The males were wearing fireman uniforms, and the fire bridge was there to help them too. They have attracted a few hundred onlookers, needing the police to help maintain the order.

Wong Hei and Kevin went their separate ways when they were distributing leaflets. They were rumored not to get on very well while filming the series. There was no communication between the two throughout the promotion and Wong Hei became a "loner", delivering the leaflets by himself. There were opposition against Kevin and Myolie from the netizen, threatened to protest against them, but nothing happened yesterday. On the contrary, the audience all wanted to have pictures taken with the cast.

Yesterday, Wong Hei was distributing the "Wong Hei reminding you" leaflets which he had done it before in shopping malls and restaurants. In fact, it was the producer Amy Wong's idea that he would distribute the leaflets again. Reporter asked him how much he spent on printing them, he said the cost is not the issue. The most important thing is the outcome of the promotion. He also hopes it can raise people's awareness of fire safety. Speaking about the netizen who were against Kevin and Myolie, Wong Hei said people have freedom of speech. He doesn't want it to become an issue for heated debate. He got a few cheers yesterday. On the other hand, some netizen were not very happy that he remained unconscious for so many episodes, and instigated to boycott the series. Wong Hei was very pleased for their support, he thanked the screenwriter for his role, that he can share the happiness and sadness with the citizen. He urges for the people who express their own opinion to be a bit understanding and forgiving.

Kevin on the other hand is not worried about the negative feeling from the audience. He said it reminded him of the oldie black and while film by Lee Heung Kam who was always being smeared at in the street. He is happy that people take so much notice of the role he plays, but he hopes audience don't take it too seriously. Wong Hei and him went their separate ways to distribute leaflets were beyond their control because they were both there for the promotion. Bosco also praised Wong Hei for his enthusiasm.

Kevin had an interview with a radio station yesterday and he clarified that it was only a rumor that he and Wong Hei do not get on. They are working colleagues and they do thing differently. As the company has over thousand colleagues, it would be difficult for everyone to be friends. He admits Wong Hei sometimes changes his lines, but it didn't affect the progress of the filming. Kevin has been in the entertainment world for 16 years and this is the first time he is accused of being unfriendly with other artist. It is not fair to say there is favoritism between them.

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