Koni Lui dumps boyfriend Dickson Wong

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Koni Lui dumps boyfriend Dickson Wong

Post by Matchbox on Sat Aug 15, 2009 9:28 am

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Koni Lui dumps boyfriend Dickson Wong

Koni Lui and Dickson Wong have dated for many years. Although they have previously been rumored breaking up the real reason behind it was because they didn't want to upset TVB and affect their careers. Therefore the couple continued their relationship underground. It is said that they struggled with their 7 year relationship and have recently broken up in a peaceful way. Dickson hopes to marry Koni but she is not willing to give up her career and is getting more famous. Comparing to Dicksons entertainment career their is a huge difference between them.

Koni Lui who was awarded Miss Hong Kong 2006 2nd Runner Up, worked as a model before she entered the industry. She met Dickson during her modeling career. They have been dating for 7 years and often encouraged each other to get into the entertainment field. Since entering the Miss Hong Kong Pageant Koni's career has been very successful and often been given many opportunties. The series "Catch Me Now" where she played the role "Long Leg Crab" grabbed a lot of attention. Earlier she had the chance to get on the big screen and filmed the movie "Laughing Gor之變節》" with Anthony Wong.

The distance became bigger

In comparison, Dickson's career has been less successful. While he competed in Mr Hong Kong he was a hot favorite to win. After encouragement from Koni he decided to sign an artist contract with TVB, hoping his entertainment career would be successful. But since joining he hasn't been given any work to shine. Koni and Dickson's career difference is becoming bigger and this has given them a lot of pressure.

Another reason why they had relationship problems was because they seldom see each other due to work. Koni was seen having dinner with a member from the boyband Square. Dickson has also been seen shopping in a pet store with a mid aged woman.

Their 7 year relationship officially ended not because of a third party, but because Dickson tried to save this relationship. He proposed to her and wanted to get married but Koni wouldn't give up her successful career. In the end the marriage proposal ended as a breakup.

No Longer Good Friends

While filming the movie "Laughing Gor之變節》" Koni and Dickson were both present but did not speak to each other. Earlier Koni was involved in a car accident but Dickson didn't comfort her either. During the premiere, both of them refused to take pictures together.

Koni is currently filming TVB sitcom "The Queen of the Office" and accepted a phone interview with the reporters. When being asked if she had broken up with Dickson, she said "In the past we were good friends, now we are just friends, Thats all". (Did she break up because of marriage?) "My career is currently very successful, the company has given many opportunties. I am not planning to get married within the next few years". The reporter was unable to get hold of Dickson for a response.
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