[News] [20081104] aTV lay off staff, hopes Tv series "Legal Elite" will save the market

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[News] [20081104] aTV lay off staff, hopes Tv series "Legal Elite" will save the market

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http://www.sina.com.cn 2008年11月04日09:49 信息时报

[News] [20081104] aTV lay off staff, hopes Tv series "Legal Elite" will save the market
http://www.sina.com.cn 2008年11月04日09:49 信息时报
Translated by Matchbox

The financial crisis has caused great concern of staff being laid off. aTV who have always had financial problems started to aim at staff and laid off 20 people. As for aTV Executive Vice President Ho Ding Kwan rumored to be leaving, stated that he will be staying for the time being. After the Miss Asia Pageant he will officially resign. Dewy Ip will take his place.

The staff that manage the sport activities were laid off and had just finished their work for the Beijing Olympics. But there was nothing they could do and they felt hopeless. aTV's Mainland production company New Vision have temporary stopped producing work since executive Chan Guan Ming left the company. The actors of New Vision will need to sign up with aTV in the next few days or go elsewhere. Contract artist Winnie Shum said that she has certainly heard about it but the company has not approached her. Coffee Lu Jing Jing who still has a contract with them stated she will have to find a new path for herself. aTV Production series "King oF Glamber IV" and "My Depraved Brother" still have no airing schedule.

It is said that due to the current state of aTV, the only way to attract advertisers is to depend on distrubting Mainland series. In addition, new series "Legal Elite" produced by Gary Tang is to air in December and replace "King of Glamber iV" which was originally scheduled. However because "Legal Elite" has not finished its shooting it will be very difficult to air during the time.

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