Steven Ma & Fala Chen Filming in Sam Shui Poo

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Steven Ma & Fala Chen Filming in Sam Shui Poo

Post by summer7879 on Sun Aug 16, 2009 9:44 pm

Credit : hyn5 @

Steven Ma & Fala Chen Filming in Sam Shui Poo

Steven Ma and Fala Chen were filming a late night dating scene for "Transferred Connection of Temptation"in Sam Shui Poo. In order to create a romantic effect, the director had arranged to use man-made rain, and it had attracted mosquitoes to the scene. Steven and Fala quickly became dinner for the mosquitoes. Their arms and thighs were red from the mosquito bites. Although they were spraying bug spray on non-stop and rubbing on ointment, it wasn't enough stop the itchiness. As the water vehicle was making false rain, it started to rain. The scene was finally completed after a couple hours of feeding to the mosquitoes. Steven said, "Luckily we have such a big crew to take care of us. I hope that the series will film smootly. We are not afraid of hard work because facing a beauty like younger sister (Fala) can be considered as happiness found in pain (苦中有樂)".

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