Sonija Kwok feels looking after the baby and being a mother is great

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Sonija Kwok feels looking after the baby and being a mother is great

Post by summer7879 on Sun Aug 16, 2009 9:47 pm

Credit : Source: Wenweipo/Takungpao/MingPao(image)
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Sonija Kwok feels looking after the baby and being a mother is great

The cast of TVB series "D.I.E. Again" included Sonija kwok, Roger Kwok, Nancy wu and Jeanette Leung were at a shopping mall yesterday for the promotion activity "Who is the killer". The cast introduced their role in the new series and they also played games with the audience. The first game was the balloon game, one has to blow the balloon up and whoever bursted the balloon first won the game. Sonija saw all the artists were full of enthusiasm, she was so scared that she stepped back from the stage and Roger was only watching the game. After that the cast was hitting each other using plastic toy hammer. Stephen Huynh was getting so excited that he put a sticker on Rain Lau's chest. Rain was hit by the toy hammer, causing her left ear to bleed.

Roger revealed that he has confidence in viewers rating in this series. Roger commented "The first episode of the series was scheduled for tonight, but due to the "Artistes 88 Fund Raising Campaign", it will be aired on Tuesday. I hope this series gets a lot of publicity and the casts will also appear in the fund raising activity to appeal for people to donate." 

As one of the leading ladies in the series, Sonija revealed that she had to work with the baby a lot and she found it very challenging. She stated "The baby cries a lot and we can't work on longer period with the baby either. I worked with three different babies in the series, but the filming process was great, I enjoyed it. (Did you feel all maternal after filming?) Yes, I did. I have learned to be patient, and I feel being a mother is great. The baby was heavy, my arm ached after holding it for a while and now my arms are very muscular. I don't intent to have a baby yet, I can't rush since I am still single. I will let nature takes its course."

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