Michael Tse led the way for fund raising appeal in the street

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Michael Tse led the way for fund raising appeal in the street

Post by summer7879 on Thu Aug 20, 2009 3:41 am

Credit : Source: Takungpao/MingPao(image)
Translator: R.E.D @ http://www.asianvn.com

Michael Tse led the way for fund raising appeal in the street

"Turning Point" by Michael Tse was shown in cinema the other day. Laughing Gor Michael Tse, Lorretta Chow, Fala Chan and Tracy Ip went round to four cinemas to raise fund for the landslide victims. Michael expressed that the money they have collected to be donating to Taiwan for the landslide victims. Before the fund raising event, Michael and Tsang Sing Ming, Deputy Director of the Foreign Affairs Department TVB were leading the way to ask everybody to donate 100 dollars each. The result of this appeal was very successful indeed. Among the donators, one child emptied his pocket and gave all he got in the donation box but some audience ran away when they saw the reporters.

"Turning Point" has been in cinema for 6 days, and it has already made 7,200,000 HKD. Michael is very excited, telling the reporter "The film is still showing in cinema, we have to wait till it is finished before we count its income. I still have to see the Executives nodding their heads first before I can relax." Reporter asked if Miss Lok is happy? Michael expressed that she deserves to be happy because she has done a lot for this movie and she has been rushing around engaging in the promotion too. The reporter reminded him that he is leading the way for the series turned into movie for Shaws Brothers Limited. Michael smiled "It is a good start."

Michael was very impressed with the people who were so enthusiastic for the fund raising activity. He said "There were very few people who turned away. I believed they were scared by the reporters pointing their cameras at them." Michael disclosed that one of his fans knew about the event, he bought half of the cinema tickets for his friends to see the movie. Michael added that he was like that himself before. After the activity, Tracy was very embarrassed because she had collected the least amount in her donation box out of the four boxes. She told reporter "I am useless, I am shy to ask people for money." The reporter asked should she be shy when she was only asking people for donation? She replied "Yea, I heard Michael asking people to donate whatever the amount, it doesn't matter whether it is 10 cents or 5 dollars. I did just that." Tracy was asked why didn't she wear something more sexy? Tracy said there was an incidence of sexual assault earlier, and she didn't want that happen to her. Moreover, she was also carrying a donation box. She went on to say that her manager saw a strange man lurking around, she was warned not to go near him.

Fala also joined in half way, helped carrying the donation box yesterday. She stated that one of her friends family lives in Taiwan Gaoxiong, fortunately they are in the city and were not affected. "If I am not working, I would be visiting Taiwan. (Are you not worried that you may be a hindrance to the rescue effort? Fala replied "I will go with a friend as a private visit. I hope to take along some material things and make a donation of five figure sum of money to help them rebuild their home."

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