François Huynh changes industries and sells coffee

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François Huynh changes industries and sells coffee

Post by Matchbox on Sat Aug 22, 2009 7:31 am

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François Huynh changes industries and sells coffee

François and Manager Christine

François Huynh had constant news reports earlier. But he has started to focus on his new job and has officially left the entertainment industry. The other day he appeared at his coffee bar opening in Central. His good friend Christine invested into the business and both of them were seen servicing the customers. Even François's older brother Stephen went to support him.

François is the Assistant manager for the coffee bar. He is responsible for ordering stock and discussing prices. In order to learn more, he will also make coffee himself. He said "We hired the coffee master specifically from France. The waiters are mostly from overseas. The menu is created in French. As well as breakfast, lunch and dinner, there will also be a open bar in the evening.

Expressed that he didn't invest into business

François expressed that he didn't invest money into the business. But if the business earns well, there will be shares. The manager has intentions to open other stores. When the second coffee bar opens François will be the manager. Although he has had news reports with Manager Christine in the past, he said "It's my first day working here. I have officially left the entertainment industry. I won't mind magazines taking pictures of me. I will not return to the entertainment field and hope to be myself".

François didn't tell his parents about the coffee bar because he was afraid they would worry about him. Instead he discussed it with his two older brothers. Stephen is happy for him and encouraged him. He considers that the most important thing is to enjoy working with your boss and colleagues. François said "Yes indeed, all the staff here communicate in French. I can express myself better that way. (Aren't you helping your brother Stephen open a Clothes store?) "Not yet, if he opens one in the future I will certainly help him out".
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