I'm 30 years old! TVB youngsters all turning 30 one after the other - Myolie Wu I want to buy a Big House

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I'm 30 years old! TVB youngsters all turning 30 one after the other - Myolie Wu I want to buy a Big House

Post by summer7879 on Sun Aug 23, 2009 11:28 pm

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I'm 30 years old! TVB youngsters all turning 30 one after the other - Myolie Wu I want to buy a Big House

Myolie Wu having won the 2nd runner-up position during the Miss Hong Kong competition and enter the entertainment industry, has always been well protected by TVB, but her long suffering characters that have left a deep impression on audiences are being criticised harshly, netizens even give her a nickname “Wu XX”.

Actually when the sorrow emotions are being removed, there are still a lot of performances Myolie Wu did that left a deep impression, especially the impressive performance opposite Liza Wang in the ancient and modern version of Wars-of-in-laws.

Last year, Myolie Wu becomes ‘stylish lady’ in the Music Industry. To Myolie Wu, this is a hint, this boost her confident to go the ‘Career Woman’ route after she reaches 30 years old.

3 Grand Plans

One, Buy a Big House

Want to be nicer to herself, buy another house. Earlier on I had already brought a house for my father, wish to buy another one for myself. I have a lot of cats at home, for them, have to buy a new house. But this doesn’t mean I wish to set up my own family. To be able to buy a house using my own ability is actually more steadfast.

Two, Open an Eatery House

Do some small businesses to let myself have more stable income. I am someone who loves to eat a lot. I especially like the snacks that are being sold on the street. So I would like to open a shop that specially sells fishballs or the internal organs of cow etc. The shop space doesn’t need to be very big, can solely do takeout. But definitely have to be happy doing it, the food has to be nice. For now, all these is just a fantasy, there is no concrete action yet.

Three, Solo Concert

Singing has always been my dream. My second EP is going to be released later this year. But this only fulfills part of my dream because I still wish to have my own concert. I hope to be able to hold a concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum in 2 to 3 years time. If it is a mini concert, I hope to be able to hold it in a year or two. For the concert held in Hong Kong Coliseum, I will let myself sing a lot of songs, wear a lot of beautiful clothes, let it be a memorable experience of a lifetime.

10 Questions

Before 30 years old

The thing that you are most proud of?
Myolie Wu: I didn’t waste any of the chances that are being given to me. I did my best, so don’t feel any regrets.

The thing that is most regretful?
Myolie Wu: Work too hard but didn’t experience the happiness. Didn’t enjoy life. This is something I need to improve on.

Favourite character?
Myolie Wu: The lawyer in Survivor Law, Chung Ching-Ling. Because this character is very cool, not like the other characters that is so sorrowful.

The things that you want to do but didn’t do?
Myolie Wu: Normally will do what I wish to do. Don’t think there is any.

The actor/actress you admired the most?
Myolie Wu: Gong Li as she is a very versatile actress. She will portray all the smallest details for every character she plays.

How will you celebrate your birthday?
Myolie Wu: I never think about it before. For example, I did not even celebrate when it was my 20th birthday. If I have the time and my schedule doesn’t crash, I will most probably celebrate by having dinner with my family and a few of my closest friends.

What birthday present will you give yourself?
Myolie Wu: Buy a house. Beside this, normally I will always buy things for myself.

What kind of actress do you wish to become?
Myolie Wu: Don’t wish to act as those ‘ultra good’ characters. Wish to act as a stronger girl.

If you are not an actress, what other career will wish to do?
Myolie Wu: Singer. If it is not in the entertainment circle, I will want to concentrate on being the lady-boss of an eatery shop.

After 30 years old

When do you wish to have your own family?
Myolie Wu: See when I will meet my dream man, can only let fate decides. In this line, 30 years old is still considered young.

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Re: I'm 30 years old! TVB youngsters all turning 30 one after the other - Myolie Wu I want to buy a Big House

Post by lynneD on Mon Aug 24, 2009 12:57 am

Concert o.O haha...would be great if she had one^^ and 9 cats!!! wow, reminds me of how Bernice Liu also having 8 dogs xD ...hehe, like both, but cats are much easier to take care...unlike my dog <_< ...grr....lol....
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