Tavia Yeung : I want to get married and start a family

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Tavia Yeung : I want to get married and start a family

Post by summer7879 on Sun Aug 23, 2009 11:34 pm

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Tavia Yeung : I want to get married and start a family

Tavia Yeung and Raymond Lam came from same 13th TVB Training Class. That time, both of them still look youthful in their graduation photo. Now both of them slowly gain recognition and become TVB’s new generation of power. This is just matter of time and they can reach high peak in their career sooner or later.

Tavia Yeung who entered this field for 10 years, always ranked in the middle awkward position. Until “Moonlight Resonance” last year, her performance was being recognized by everyone. “Lo Lui” Ah Yuet who could release and control her emotions became outstanding and received “Best Supporting Actress” award. Tavia Yeung who turned into 30 years old on 30th August, expressed that this year is the time for her to struggle and to reach the peak in her career. TVB’s year end grand production, “Beyond The Realm Of Conscience, is the first series whereby Tavia portrayed a villain role.

3 Big Planning

1st – Widen the path of filming

My first big planning is I hope that I can try out different types of roles. Actually I’ve already started to try out different types of roles. “Beyond The Realm Of Conscience” already fulfilled one of my wish that is to portray a villain role. I never tried out villain role before since I entered this industry. I have a “good” sign on my face, haha!

2nd – Get married and start a family

My second big planning is to get married and start a family! Everyone has their own lives. Every girl also hopes that they can find their partners of their life. Of course it is better to marry a rich guy. I’m just joking. If the person truly loves me but is not a rich guy, then I will give him money to spend.

3rd – Accompany mother more often

A big portion of my life goes to my career and work. The time spent with my mother really little and therefore my mother only can see me on tv. I hope that I can have more time to accompany my mother and my family. I work hard also because of this as I want to earn more money to give a comfortable life for my family so that they can stay and live happily.

10 questions

Before 30 years old

What is the most proud thing that you have ever done before?

Tavia: I think should be when I started to know how to earn money for my family and did not ask money from them anymore. I could let my mother to do what she wanted to do and she didn’t have to work anymore. This is the most proud thing.

What is the most regretful thing that you have ever done before?

Tavia: My father passed away too early. There were many things that I wanted to do but no chance to do for him anymore. That time, I did not have the capabilities to let my parents to lead a more comfortable life. Therefore, I focus all my love and care towards my mother now.

What is your most favourite role?

Tavia: Big chest girl in Dicey Business. That was an interesting role. The outlook difference was very big and it was a very special role.

What is the thing that you want to do but no chance to do it yet?

Tavia: Get married and start a family. Haha, right?

Who is the celebrity that you respect the most?

Tavia: Zhang Zi Yi. Whenever I see her performance, I realize that she can portray deep and complicated roles. Some people might dislike her but I will admire something on her that is not being admired by other peoples. I feel that she has her own style of performing.

After 30 years old

How will you celebrate your birthday?

Tavia: I think I will celebrate with my fans. They will decide how to celebrate it. But I will not organize my own private party as I’m currently busy filming series.

What will you give yourself as birthday present?

Tavia: Of course I hope to receive presents. Actually any presents will do. The sincerity is the most important. Most important is there is creativity in it too.

What type of actress that you hope that you will become?

Tavia: You reminded me that I’m already 30 years old. I do not have any reasons to avoid it already. I’m not happy today as you reminded me that I’m going to portray a mother’s role soon. Actually I’m doing it now. I portrayed a mother’s role in ”Iron Horse Seeking Bridge”.

If you never work as an actress, what type of field will you join?

Tavia: I will become a housewife. I cannot sit still if you want me to work in office. If you want to me to business, I do not have business idea.

When do you plan to start a family?

Tavia: I hope that in my future 10 years plan. Maybe one day I will suddenly announce my marriage news.

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Re: Tavia Yeung : I want to get married and start a family

Post by lynneD on Mon Aug 24, 2009 12:48 am

hope to see her character in Beyond's going to be a breakthrough one xD That would be soooo great xD but also hope she will have more time to spend with her mom too...she was so sad when her dad died Sad
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