Andy Lau not sighted at father-in-law's funeral

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Andy Lau not sighted at father-in-law's funeral

Post by summer7879 on Mon Aug 24, 2009 12:31 am

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Andy Lau not sighted at father-in-law's funeral

Carol Zhu Liqian father’s funeral was held yesterday, it was alleged that “son-in-law” Andy Lau will be attending the funeral, but he did not make an official appearance. However, it was reported in Sinchew Daily, when the coffin was moving out of the Zhu residence, friends and relatives were all carrying huge umbrellas. Under the sea of umbrellas, a male resembling Andy was spotted.

For 24 years, Andy did not give any title to Carol, outsider think that Andy would this timing of the funeral to “acknowledge” Carol. However, the Zhu family came up with tricks to stop reporters, looked like he still does not wish to disclose his relationship with Carol.

According to Sinchew Daily reports, although the Zhu family came up with a “sea of umbrellas” to protect Andy, but reporters still claimed that they could see Andy because of his trademark nose, but the person was surrounded by bodyguards. Someone also managed to spot the pair of sports shoes that Andy was wearing.

There was also sources saying that after the funeral team had left the residence for about 1km, several cars and buses came to pick up the friends and relatives, Andy initially thought of boarding a gray BMW but the reporter forced him to get up the bus instead. When reporters tried to take photographs, the Zhu family had an argument with the reporters which resulted in a big commotion, thus unable to confirmed that the male is Andy.

The Malaysian media pointed out that people don’t usually carry umbrellas during funerals, with the Zhu family carrying umbrellas, this is a huge sighting in Malaysia. Although Andy did not make an appearance, a makeup-less Carol whom was wearing white did sent off her father for the last time.

At the funeral, there was a little boy around 5-years-old whom was wearing a mask resemble Andy in the eyes and ears thus making him a “mini Andy Lau”, this made one thinks that he’s Andy’s son. There was also a little girl whose looked like Carol Zhu Liqian. The media suspected that they are Andy and Carol’s children.

Zhu family redraw obituary to protect Andy

Today is the burial ceremony of Carol Zhu Liqian’s father, everybody is watching on whether Andy Lau will make an appearance. According to, Andy took Peter Lam’s private jet plane to Malaysia, in addition for his low profile on his love life, there could be a possibility of leaving Malaysia one day earlier, but it was believed that Andy will take the chance to reveal his son-in-law identity to redeem himself.

The Zhu family is protecting Andy, other than preventing the media from sneaking in, the latest news is that the original obituary was redrawn as Andy’s name will not be on it. With the no show of Andy despite everybody believing that there is a possibility of Andy hiding inside the Zhu residence, but still there is no photograph been taken.

There is also news pointed out that in order to protect this 24 years old underground relationship, there could be a show of “lure the enemy away”, with his past doings, he would not got himself photographed even knowing that the media will be waiting for him. The media is saying that Andy will be appear in today’s burial ceremony as he could seize the chance of the media waiting outside Zhu residence and leave Malaysia one day earlier in Peter Lam’s private jet plane. Being a private jet plane, there is no passenger list, it could also not land at the airport, thus all schedule is kept secret.

Carol’s father will be buried at Fujian Pacific Hill cemetery, from the grave, Carol’s mother passed away on 26 March 1990, the characters are painted gold, as Carol’s father had not passed away then, his characters and birth date are painted red. Carol’s name is not listed as daughter. Carol’s father name is written as Zhu Jian Chen instead of the media reported Zhu Jing Chen. According to Andy’s fans, Andy had promised them that if he would to get married or reveal his love relationship, he would inform his fans online before informing the media, the fans did not notice any good news message posted by Andy online.

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Re: Andy Lau not sighted at father-in-law's funeral

Post by R.Ed on Mon Aug 24, 2009 5:03 am

Andy is obviously doesn't want to be seen, therefore people should respect him and not to pursue with this matter any further


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