Miss Hong Kong Sandy Lau's old pictures shock netizens

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Miss Hong Kong Sandy Lau's old pictures shock netizens

Post by Matchbox on Mon Aug 24, 2009 9:11 am

Source: On.cc
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Miss Hong Kong Sandy Lau's old pictures shock netizens

Old picture of Sandy Lau with friends surfaced on the net

Fresh Miss Hong Kong 2009 winner Sandy Lau has continuously been getting negative headlines. Since being reported having a very close female friend named Tracy and refered as a lesbian, she was also exposed by a old friend via Facebook yesterday. Her old friend stated that Sandy had completely "forgotten" about her. In addition there are old photos of Sandy being uploaded on to the internet. In the old photos Sandy appeared to have a wide face with small eyes which didn't resemble her present appearance.

Yesterday evening after being crowned Miss Hong Kong 2009, Sandy held a celebration with the other contestants in Tsim Sha Tsui. Afterwards she returned to TVB City with the award winners and shot official photos. At around 4am she left the premises in a car arranged by TVB. She arrived at her mother's HK style cafe in Sai Wan to celebrate with her family. When she arrived her mother, 20 relatives immediately greeted her outside the cafe with cakes and flowers. Sandy's mother appeared to be very happy. She even invited the paparazzi's to drink can's of soda and eat cakes for free.

Close Female friend phoned to congratulate her

While competing in the pageant, Sandy has had a lot of rumors. Since being exposed having a close female friend named Tracy and rumored to be a lesbian. Yesterday someone exposed that while Sandy was studying in a private school in England she also met a girl named Kitty who has a HK$20 million property business. Therefore she dumped Tracy as she went for money.

In addition, a old friend of Sandy also revealed on Facebook that Sandy had forgotten about her. It is said that the insider is named Mazy and was Sandy's old class mate and good friend. They met in Primary school Grade 2. After Sandy left Hong Kong for her studies their friendship started to fall apart. She hinted that Sandy had forgotten about her. After she had completed her degree she became a bond analyst. Old pictures of Sandy have also surfaced on the internet. But she looked very different having a round wide face, small eyes and very tanned skin. In comparison, she currently has big eyes, a heart shaped face and white smooth skin. The photos have really shocked netizens.

Esther Lam goes homes alone, Nat Chan praises her having potential to become a MC

Esther Lam was highly supported by netizens during the Pageant and was a hot favorite. She still went to the celebrations and didn't feel disappointed. The reporter asked if she had thought about being crowned? She replied "Of course I have. But I didn't think about winning or losing". (Will you join the entertainment circle?) "I would like to try and become a host". The celebrations finished at 1am, Esther returned to her home in North Point. She arrived home looking tired and lost without welcomes from netizens fans or family members. However MC Nat Chan expressed yesterday that she has potential to become a host. He hopes to be able to work with her.

MC Eric Tsang stated that one of his favorites was in the Top 3. "I know that one of the judge's Simon Yam liked Germaine Li. Sandy Lau peformed badly in the swimwear rehearsals that's why I considered Germaine to be crowned the title. Candy Yuen could only receive Miss Photogenic and Sandra Ng ruined her chances". Guest Host Wayne Lai said "I was responsible in asking Mizuni and Germaine questions. Thank god they both received awards. I was worried my questions would cause them embarassment".

Candy Yuen is disappointed with the results

1st Runner Up Germaine Li responded to the reports of being the underdog. She said "There is no difference between a hot favorite or dark horse. Just that everyone's views are different". (Have you considered getting into the Top 3?) "I have never considered that I would win. I only wanted to do my best in the show". As for Mizuni Hung being a hot favorite to win the title but awarded 2nd Runner up, she stated that it was good enough to receive an award. She felt that she didn't do well in answering her questions.

Candy Yuen who was nominated by Sandra Ng and awarded Miss Photogenic stated that she felt disappointed. Sandra Ng had already sent her a SMS to congratulate her. She said "There were reports that suggested because Sandra Ng nominated me this affected my chances. If Sandra nominating me did affect the results then that is too shallow. I believe the judges wouldn't act so carelessly".

Yesterday Sandy, Germaine Li, Mizuni Hung and Candy Yuen met with the paparazzi's. Sandy stated that she will be responsible in carrying out her Miss HK duties and will not follow Edelweiss Cheung's actions. The reporter asked if close female friend Tracy congratulated her? She said "She lives in England, she has already phoned me. I was holding hands with #5 Winnie Ma when they announced the results. We discussed that we would hold hands with the other contestants beforehand because we have been through a lot together within the last 3 months. Winnie's personality is similar to mine. (It's reported that you both have feelings for each other?) "We are just normal good friends". (Do you like guys or girls?) "I am like other people and like the opposite sex". A reader also exposed that Sandy smokes and swears. But she denied all of this.
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