Sammul Chan and Lin Miao Ke praise Ruby Lin

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Sammul Chan and Lin Miao Ke praise Ruby Lin

Post by Matchbox on Tue Aug 25, 2009 10:09 am

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Sammul Chan and Lin Miao Ke praise Ruby Lin

Lin Miao Ke famous for lip synching in Beijing 2008 Olympics Opening Ceremony

Grand Production "Beauty Scheme" which stars Sammul Chan, Myolie Wu, Ruby Lin, Lin Miao Ke, Frankie Lam etc is already in the middle of shooting in Hendian. Sammul plays the role of Han Dynasty Emperor Liu Heng. He couldn't stop praising Ruby Lin who he worked with for the first time. He praised her for having a kind heart and willing to teach others. He said "She is very playful and really takes care of people".

In "Beauty Scheme" Sammul plays the role of an emperor for the first time. He stated that he wasn't familiar with the history and that's why he felt he didn't have enough confidence to play the role. In order to portray the role well, he studied many history books before shooting the series. He needed to identify the character's emotions, otherwise he would feel something missing while collaborating with the other actors. In the storyline, Emperor Wen of Han has 3000 concubines, but he only loves Dou YiFang (Ruby Lin). In the series he will mainly work with Ruby and that's why he praised her a lot. "We never met each other before. I felt she was very Cool when we met for the first time. However since getting to know her I feel she is very playful and very caring".

Like Mother and Daughter, Mother Lin is jealous

Lin Miao Ke who became famous for lip synching in the Beijing 2008 Olympics Opening Ceremony, also worked with Ruby for the first time. She plays the younger version of Ruby's role. Script writer and producer Yu Zheng expressed that he only discovered they resembled each other while shooting the series. Although they aren't real mother and daughter, they looked alike. This also made Miao Ke's real mother abit jealous. Mother Lin said "When they were shooting I felt Miao Ke and Ruby Lin were very close. They act just like a real mother and daughter. Sometimes I heard her call Ruby "Xin Ru Mama". I felt abit jealous and it was also funny to hear that".

The staff joked that if they weren't familiar with Miao Ke they would have thought she was Ruby's real daughter. They said "They both have big eyes, a heart shaped face and look very cute. When Miao Ke finished her scenes she would stay at the location to watch Ruby act. They really are like mother and daughter". Miao Ke fully prepared for her scenes and would peform in front of Ruby before they officially filmed them. Mother Lin revealed that Miu Ke really liked Ruby. When they didn't have scenes together in order for Miao Ke to get Ruby's autograph she would go to Ruby's room and ask for advice. Ruby was shocked when she asked for her autograph and praised her loveable fan. She said "Her acting is very good. She is very cute too".
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