Dayo Wong throws 'laugh bombs' out at his stand-up comedy show; Talks about showbiz & the society

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Dayo Wong throws 'laugh bombs' out at his stand-up comedy show; Talks about showbiz & the society

Post by summer7879 on Wed Aug 26, 2009 10:23 pm

Credit ; Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Dayo Wong throws 'laugh bombs' out at his stand-up comedy show; Talks about showbiz & the society

The other night, Dayo Wong tried every means to do his stand-up comedy kickoff. He developed on the ideas of society and the entertainment circle to poke fun at. His dialogue was said very firmly ("dai sei"), creating high atmosphere in the entire arena.

Dayo's stand-up comedy show (黃子華棟篤笑嘩眾取寵) premiere last night. He tried every means to shoot out laughing bombs out to the audience. During the show, he invited a female audience member to go on stage for a fake marriage. During the wedding oath, Dayo was asked if he wants his 'brothers' or his wife? He answered: "I would choose 'Brother's wife'!" The whole place started laughing at that comment. As his stand-up comedy business has been a big success, he said that he almost got killed by Jan Lamb and got stabbed by Jim Chim, suffering great pressure.

Also, he talked about about the heated topics in the entertainment industry, he developed on the Artistes Photo Scandal for his jokes. He said that before marriage sex could ruin your life, but affairs after marriage will actually make you rich. He also said in a 'dai sei' (deserve to die) manner that if someone was looking at someone else without permission, then the victim should come forward to apologize. However, the person who secretly looked can complain that the other person was naive. Dayo also ridiculed the past news about an environmental protection agency employee going on porn sites during work hours, he said: "Mom asked her son what he wants to study, the son said he wanted to work for the government, and it has to be in the Environmental Protection Agency. There was an employee who gets a salary of HKD$120,000 a month, but spends half of his work time going on porn sites. This means that taxpayers are paying that employee HKD$60,000 monthly to watch porn. It's not a problem though, but $60,000 could buy you 1000 CDs, how could you watch it all? This is what I call wasting public money." Laughter was heard throughout after the "dai sei" story was told. That night, many artistes came to enjoy the show including Monica Chan, Francis Ng, Sean Lau and his wife Amy Kwok.

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