Niki Chow does not believe in "love insurance"

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Niki Chow does not believe in "love insurance"

Post by summer7879 on Wed Aug 26, 2009 10:25 pm

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Niki Chow does not believe in "love insurance"

Niki Chow was at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in Wan Chai yesterday attending the press conference for Fotis Insurance Company. This is Niki's first time making appearance for an insurance company and she was asked how much she was paid for that, Niki smiled and replied "I can't tell you that, but with this amount and the fees from the other 4 commercials I earned, I have put all the money into investment. That is a quality assurance." Niki put up 7 fingers to express that is the amount she put in for investment. Niki expressed that she has little knowledge about financial investment, therefore, she amount she puts aside in the insurance company is a low risk investment and she had told the agent that she wants guarantee that she would not lose a cent as she had worked hard for her money. Niki also heard that there is good return by buying shops and renting them out, she is considering investing in that too. The reporter asked Niki if she will buy "Love Insurance" if it is available? Niki replied that she would buy anything but she believes love cannot be bought, and she is feeling very happy at the moment.

Talking about Andy Lau and Carol appeared as a couple holding hand in hand to show the whole world that she is his other half, Niki reckoned that it is their private affairs, and Andy didn't say anything at all. She hopes people could give them space, just be happy for them. Reporter asked her if she would wait for a guy for 24 years? Niki said if she loves someone, it will be for life. The reporter went on to ask her if she would accept their relationship to be kept secret? Niki said "There is no need to be open or not. This is the affair between two people, as long as you two are happy; it is not necessary to tell other people about your happiness." Niki added that 24 years is not a problem, it is all about spending your whole life with the same person.

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