Charmaine Sheh feels hopeless sometimes

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Charmaine Sheh feels hopeless sometimes

Post by summer7879 on Thu Aug 27, 2009 8:02 am

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Charmaine Sheh feels hopeless sometimes

Many Hong Kong Movie award winners have said when they become actors they become passionate. When their acting reaches an established level they recieve recognition. But when the market is bad, they can only wait for luck. Charmaine Sheh is a Miss Hong Kong 2nd Runner up and also an actress. In TVB's 2006 Anniversary Award Ceremony she was awarded a double and recieved the TV Queen title. Reaching the top of her career, she was still shooting TV series one after the other. The results are not disappointing either. When someone gets famous they also become a topic of discussion whether its about rumors, personality and not getting along with others.

She said "If you achieve alot you will also lose many things. There are advantages and disadvantages. The first thing is that you can maintain your popularity. But the disadvantage is that many of the things being said are untrue. It is quite confusing. You either love it or hate it. I have no control over it, so let it be. If I haven't been in the news lately then thats okay, If you're discussing about me then say what you like. I cannot do anything about it".

Charmaine has been in the industry for 12 years. Society and technology has also improved. She expressed that she has recently injured her lower back. As a reporter, I was afraid that extreme discussions may increase her movement and affect her back pain.

Miss Hong Kong 1997 Charmaine Sheh has become a popular TVB Fa Dan to date. Currently TVB series "You're Hired has peaked ratings of 33 points. She has also completed the shooting for TVB Grand production "Beyond the Realm of Conscience" and taken a 1 month holiday. While taking time off she would be able to do things she didn't have time to do such as spending 3 hours for a magazine shoot, have dinner with friends she hasn't seen for a year, stay at home to watch TV and take a flight to Hawaii to visit her Mom etc. "I cannot totally rest because I have too many social gatherings with friends. Hong Kong is a small place, yet the Paparazzi's are too much. Especially during this century, don't you think there aren't any celebrities? Because of the way they are treated by the paparazzi's. How can there be any left?

The First step in becoming an actress

Charmaine made the first step to becoming an actress. "When they first asked me if I was interested in auditioning to become an actress, I didn't think about it and said [Of Course I will try]. Why did I want try? Actually I wanted to try a lot of new things. The Miss Hong Kong Pageant was over, yet I recieved an award. Would I need do charity work everyday? Even if I do, it would just be for 1 year. I was just feeling very curious and playful when I filmed my first few TV series. People said that my acting was poor but I had already given my best. I had limited knowledge of acting and no acting experience. That's why it was average, I needed to have more experience to gain the acting skills. I felt that maybe this industry wasn't right for me and that maybe I should change industries. I had these thoughts even though I already signed a 3 year artist contract with TVB. One year I would shoot 100 episodes of TV series. How would I have time to think about these things? I would just go home and sleep. When I hadn't yet finished shooting a series, I would need to shoot another one after. It was continuous. The company did not give up on me. They offered me many opportunties to play different roles, so that I was able to discover which type of role could make me shine".

My personality is not suitable for this industry. In the past I was very quiet. I never had the ability to perform. When I was studying they asked me to perform in a school play. I said No, will people laugh at me? Perhaps it was because I studied in a girls school, the best thing would be not to approach or look at me".

Do My Best

In "Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain" she played the role of Miu Yeuk Lan. She stated that she only had to act weak. But in "Return of the Cuckoo" Kwan Hou was just like being herself. While shooting "Country Spirit" she realised she was able to get into character as Sun Fung. "I am very lucky that all the series I had accepted to fim had good storylines. Especially [War and Beauty], I had a lot of fun. The scenes consisted mainly of inner emotions". She did her best to act in those scenes. While the paparazzi's were reporting which cast members didn't get along. "[War and Beauty] I don't remember much about that now. Do you have anything else to talk about? Why would you not get along with so many people? These things I have no control over and I will not care. I am already controlling things I have control over which is to portray my roles well. Also how to enjoy my time when I am filming and making others around me feel comfortable. I will not handle anything regarding TV ratings or any news reports".

High Definition

TVB have already entered the High Definition TV century. Charmaine says "Yes it's quite scary. There are advantages and disadvantages. The whole picture looks 3D and more clearer. It looks more beautiful but the lighting technician has a very important role in this. If you have pimples they will appear clearly on the screen. I don't really take care of that, but I will do facials. It's very important to have enough rest. But you will not have enough time to rest while filming

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