Leila charms Fong Chun Fai (方駿暉)

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Leila charms Fong Chun Fai (方駿暉)

Post by summer7879 on Sun Aug 30, 2009 3:36 am

Credit ; Source: Apple Daily

Leila charms Fong Chun Fai (方駿暉)

Fong Chun Fai said laughingly that he have liked her ever since Leila was a child-star.

Leila Tong, model Carol Yeung and CABLE TV host Fong Chun Fai went for the recording of Kenneth Chan’s programme (神探 CSI) as guests. Before the programme started, everyone was chatting happily and Fong Chun Fai pointed out that he has been a fan of Leila ever since he was a kid. He said, “Ever since she was a child star, I have already admired her.”

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