Raymond: [Magazine] Yes – Counter attacking the TV/movie industry

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Raymond: [Magazine] Yes – Counter attacking the TV/movie industry

Post by summer7879 on Mon Aug 31, 2009 10:54 pm

Credit : Scans by: Ah Mun & Gladcute @ Fung Forever.net
Translation to http://raymondlam.org

Raymond: [Magazine] Yes – Counter attacking the TV/movie industry

Last year, not only did Raymond Lam consolidated his position as one of the top young actors at TVB with his popular role “Goon Ga Jai” in “Moonlight Resonance”, a couple of years ago he also entered the music industry, rapidly raising as a singer. This year besides releasing his third album, he also held his first concert at the HK Coliseum. However, he hasn’t had any notable works in the movie industry! After filming “Stolen Love” with Rain Li in 2002, he hasn’t filmed any movies since. Now that he has achieved some results in the TV and music industries, he has thoughts of conquering the movie industry as well. Recently there had been discussions with him starring in two movies. Since the “Siu” movie company is producing again, does he plan to step into the movie industry as well, developing as a music/movie/TV artiste?

Favoured by the company
Earlier Raymond Lam held his first concert and received many positive responses from the public. His concert CD and DVD are also selling very well, reaching platinum sales. With such outstanding results, Raymond Lam and his music company must be very happy.

“Yeah, this year has been a very happy time for me. The music company has given me many opportunities, giving me the chance to hold my first concert at such a big stage like the Coliseum. Really want to thank the company for having such confidence in me. Luckily I did not disappoint them. Since the results are really good, the celebratory function held for me was also very grand, shouting everyone to eat fish maw. The company also promised that if I can achieve even better results next time, maybe we can eat “abalone/ginseng/shark fin/fish maw” meal. For the chance of eating some good food, my colleagues and I will have to work hard! Haha! (So how will you celebrate?) If the DVD reaches three platinum sales, I’ll hold a T-back party, haha!” Even Mani (Fok) said she supports Raymond holding a T-back party, will even call Ah Sa to attend!

Wants to rap in the new album
Since Raymond has achieved good results in music, he should spend more time in it, what are his future plans? “I’ve already started to record my Mandarin album. Hopefully I can try new things in it, especially rap songs. I’ve always thought it’s easier to rap in Mandarin, plus I’ve always really wanted to try these type of songs. So I’m really looking forward to the upcoming album. Normally, I sing romantic songs. Hopefully I can show everyone a different side of me. Also after the concert I realised I don’t have enough dance songs, since the atmosphere will be a lot more exciting if I’m dancing and singing on stage. The audience will also immerse into the excitement better, so I need to make more fast songs.”

Re-entering the movies industry
With great results in the music and television industry, actually in movies he hasn’t spend much time in it. However, now that he has consolidated his work in music and TV, Raymond wants to enter the movie industry again with ambition. “Recently I’m in discussions on two movies, even though they’re not confirmed yet, but there are high chances that they’ll go ahead. They should be filmed this year. I haven’t filmed a movie for a long time, of course I want to film a “Siu” studio movie, because recently I’ve seen how successful the “Laughing Gor: Turning Point” movie is. So I also want to film movies as well!”

“Even though I want to film movies, I hope my manager doesn’t accept ancient costume movies for me! Normally I film a lot of ancient costume series, so I don’t want to portray those type of characters again. I would most love to film police/cop genre movies, because I haven’t had many chances to portray these type of characters. If I have the chance, I would also like to work with actors with “Best actor” calibre, such as Anthony Wong, Eric Tsang etc, will definitely learn a lot. Actually since I’m such good friends with Ron Ng, also hope to work with him in a movie!”

Reluctant to film Taiwanese dramas
Raymond Lam is very popular in the HK entertainment industry, his series are also very popular overseas. He also has many fans in South East Asian countries. Has Raymond thought about crossing borders, like his colleagues (in the same company) Charlene Choi and Ken Hung, and go to Taiwan to film a series? “I also want to film a Taiwan series. Even though I’ve heard Ah Sa said it’s very hard work. But I can learn more. Actually, there have been people who invited me to film a series in Taiwan, but I already have many series to film in HK, so don’t have time. Plus HK is my home, so HK is my primary market. Maybe after I win “TV king”, then I will think about developing my career in other places. haha!” So he doesn’t even desire to film a Taiwan drama, seems like he wants the “TV king” a lot!

Satisfied with his concerts
Actually it’s not easy to be an actor and singer. Now Raymond says he even wants to enter the movie industry, when will he have time to rest? Even the iron man will need rest! “Of course I want to take a holiday to go places and rest, recharge my batteries, but at this moment for me, it is a luxury. I don’t even have enough time to sleep, so having a few days off travelling overseas is out of the question! So once the upcoming Mandarin album is released, I really want to travel to many countries for promotion. The best will be to go back to my hometown. And also go to Shanghai, Beijing. Then I can have some leisure time as well as work, spend some time sightseeing different places!”

“If I have the chance I also want to be like Joey Yung and William Chan, going overseas to Europe for two weeks to learn dancing. Even though at the moment I don’t have time to sleep, but the excitement from the recently held concerts has overwhelmed all my fatique. I feel very satisfied, so even if I don’t get any holidays for a while it’ll be ok.”

This issue also has a column where various stars tell a ghost story…..
Ox tail soup
The ghost story I’ve heard about, happens in an university…..
In an univeristy dorm, the girls lived in the upper level, the boys lived in the lower level. There was a couple, every night the girl will use a rope to carry a jug of ox tail soup down to her boyfriend to drink. Until the summer holidays, the boy went travelling with his family. Afterwards he returned to the dorm, the girl kept sending him soups to drink even though he was not there. But during daytime, he could not find the girl. So he was curious and asked around. Then he discovered his girlfriend had already died from a car accidenct while he was on holidays.

From the column “Stars Choice – where Charlene Choi talks about his concert CD”!

“Raymond Lam’s recent concerts are definitely very successful. I was also one of the guests, and his fans were very passionate. I think Raymond can sing romantic songs very well, plus he’s also very handsome. So I will faint if I look at him for more than 10 seconds! Haha! This concert CD not only contains his well-known songs, it also contains our English duet “In love with you”. I also like this song a lot, hopefully everyone will support it!”So… who made the ox tail soup?

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