Dayo Wong can't stand hearing the word "marriage

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Dayo Wong can't stand hearing the word "marriage

Post by summer7879 on Sat Sep 05, 2009 3:52 am

Credit : Source: Takungpao
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Dayo Wong can't stand hearing the word "marriage

TVB series "You're Hired" has received good rating report, reaching 39 pts at its highest. It is Dayo Wong's birthday on September 5, the cast included Michael Tse, Koni Lu, JJ and Hui Siu Hung went to the back stage at Queen Elizabeth Stadium to support him for his "Stand-up comedy " show as well as celebrate his 49th birthday the other night.

Dayo was born on July 15 according to the Chinese lunar calendar. He smiled and said he was born after the Halloween, "I was supposed to have been born on August 15, but that year was a leap year, we had two "July", that is why I was born after the Halloween." Dayo revealed that he isn't very happy with the rating report, he would like it to be over 40 pts. He disclosed that he had asked TVB to do the promotion before this series was aired. Reporter asked him how he is going to celebrate when the series have reached that point? Dayo said "I will watch that series with the audience. I don't want to be famous, when I see audience happy, I am happy too." Talking about him telling his audience in his show that he has lost his investment, he smiled and said "Don't listen to all what I said, I had invested some money, but not the Lehman's kind of investment as I am very conservative." Reporter went on to ask if he would use the artist marriages as his comedy topics, Dayo responded "Not this time, I will save it for the next time." He was asked when is he getting married? Dayo replied quickly "Don't stimulate me."

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