"Shall We State the Case" Tavia Yeung, Raymond Lam, and Kenneth Ma Solve Mysterious Cases

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"Shall We State the Case" Tavia Yeung, Raymond Lam, and Kenneth Ma Solve Mysterious Cases

Post by summer7879 on Sun Sep 06, 2009 10:50 pm

Credit : Credits: AhMan @FF (Fung Forest)
Translated by: hyn5 @ http://hyn5-hyn5.blogspot.com/

"Shall We State the Case" Tavia Yeung, Raymond Lam, and Kenneth Ma Solve Mysterious Cases

In the new series "Shall We State the Case", police officers Tavia Yeung and Kenneth Ma solve cases with physicist Raymond Lam using physics theories. Tavia fulfills her mother's wish as she plays a cop in the series. Kenneth will play a "Lover Cop" surrounded by pretty girls. He laughs and says his character is this year's best character. As for Raymond playing the role of a physicist, he has to memorize physics terms in order to help [the police] find the killer. But, he will be needing help when it comes to finding his true love.

Caption 1: Investigating Murder Cases
Senior Inspector Kenneth Ma along with his subordinates are constantly walking in and out of the crime scene to investigate.

Caption 2: Memorizing Physics Terms
Raymond Lam will play a physicist, and he does all preparations before filming. He needs to memorize many physics terms.

Caption 3: Many Girlfriends
In the series, Kenneth Ma will have many girlfriends surrounding him, but this excludes Tavia Yeung because she and Raymond Lam will be playing a couple.

Kenneth Ma Gets Best Character

This time, Tavia and Raymond will be playing a couple in the series, but Tavia believes that there will not be rumours spread. Tavia says, "I have always been rumour-free, but I want to have rumours with Kenneth! He has many beautiful girls surrounding him in the series, and I'm the only one excluded. I don't know about outside of filming!"

Kenneth Ma will be playing a player cop, and he will have many girlfriends in the series. That includes guest star model Lisa S., and he will have many kiss scenes with Bernice Liu. Kenneth says, "I've taken this year's best character. In order to take on the kiss scenes, I will bring a toothbrush and gum to work everyday".

Caption 1: Handsome Men Taking Part
With two handsome men, Kenneth Ma and Raymond Lam, taking part in the series, it will definitely attract young female fans to watch when it airs.

Caption 2: Fulfilling Wish
Tavia Yeung's mom has always hoped for her to become a female police officer. Tavia will finally fulfill her wish, as she will play a police officer.

Cupid Jazz Lam

In the series, Jazz Lam will play Tavia's older brother. He is very happy to be filming with Kenneth and Raymond. He says, "I am already much acquainted with Kenneth from filming "Iron Horse Seeking Bridge" earlier, and I am very happy to film with him again. I will play Tavia's older brother, and the personality of this character is rather funny. In the series, I will make chances for Tavia and Raymond to date!"

Caption 1: Modern Cupid
Tavia Yeung and Raymond Lam are able to go out because of Jazz Lam's doings.

Caption 2: Serious Attitude
Jazz Lam, Tavia Yeung, and Raymond Lam are playful people, but they are serious when going over the script together.

Caption 3: Great Relationship
Tavia Yeung regularly visits her older brother Jazz Lam who works at a fruit store, and they have a great relationship.

Caption 4: Very Playful
Tavia Yeung arrives at a fruit store to film an outdoor scene, but the playful Tavia holds the fruit and swings it from left to right.

Caption 5: Funny Character
In the series, Jazz Lam will play a rather funny character, so he will have many exaggerating movements in his acting.

FYI: Raymond Lam's name in "Shall We State the Case" is Kingsley King (King Bok).

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