Bosco Wong : Aimee Chan is not my cup of tea

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Bosco Wong : Aimee Chan is not my cup of tea

Post by summer7879 on Sun Sep 06, 2009 10:53 pm

Credit ; Source: MingPao
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Bosco Wong : Aimee Chan is not my cup of tea

Bosco Wong and Aimee Chan were in the studio recording " Staay Kitchen" yesterday. Bosco expressed he likes traditional girls who girls who can cook soup. He was teasing Aimee in the progarmme, testing her about Chinese traditional custom and cantonese pronunciation as well as her cooking skills. Aimee, not only can she not read the traditional custom, she doesn't even know how to cook rice. Bosco reckoned she scored the lowest mark and she is not his cup of tea. Bosca was asked if he has already found his cup of tea, therefore, not looking for another one? Bosco smiled and looking embarrassed, saying he always drinks tea with his mom.

Aimee revealed that she could in fact cook very simple meal, specially when she has guests, she usually cooks for them. Aimee was asked if knowing how to cook is one of the criteria being her husband ? Aimee replied "Certainly, man and woman are equal nowadays. A lot of girls are now looking for husbands who can cook, but not necessary a good cook."

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