Bernice Liu risked getting car locked up for foot massage; TVB finally unfreezes her

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Bernice Liu risked getting car locked up for foot massage; TVB finally unfreezes her

Post by summer7879 on Mon Sep 07, 2009 11:28 pm

Credit ; Source: The Sun
Translated by: aZnangel @

Bernice Liu risked getting car locked up for foot massage; TVB finally unfreezes her

The other night, Bernice Liu was spotted with her father picking her up at the foot massage place. Parked right outside, it appears that estate management staff locked up their car and was fined a few hundred to unlock it. Luckily, Bernice was able to save the case and get back the unlocking fee money.

Once as one of TVB's favorites, last year because Bernice was unwilling to renew her contract with TVB time after time, so TVB ended up freezing her. Sitting in the back seat several times, last year she was finally able to make a guest appearance in Hollywood's film "King of Fighters". This is also her great opportunity to break into a larger market. Who would have known that this would cause her to get frozen by TVB. Earlier it was said that Bernice wanted to find a path to step into the film industry, therefore she recommended herself to film production company boss Dennis Law. In the end, she got herself a female fighter role.

Recently Bernice has been unfrozen by TVB and got the chance to participate in new series "Shall We State the Case". The other day, after she finished attending public events, she went to Whampoa Garden to a foot massage parlor and had her father pick her up thereafter. When Bernice and her assistant parked their car in front of the parlor and quickly went inside, then her father drove the car away. After about an hour, Father Liu was seen to have picked up Mother Liu and a few close friends for dinner at a Japanese restaurant. Meanwhile, Bernice was still at the foot massage parlor relaxing.

When Bernice's parents and friends were busy having dinner at the Japanese restaurant, a few estate management staff came around to lock cars. Bernice's car ended up getting locked up. Bernice who was still at the foot massage learned of the incident and immediately tried to plead for her father. As a result, Bernice was able to get the few hundred dollars of unlocking fees back. That night at 9pm, originally Bernice was dressed in a short shirt revealing her long legs, but suddenly she changed into long pants and covered herself up. Bernice's dad quickly went towards the door to help his daughter open it, after Bernice got into the car, the family left to go home.

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