Tavia Yeung : Annual birthday together

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Tavia Yeung : Annual birthday together

Post by summer7879 on Mon Sep 07, 2009 11:31 pm

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Tavia Yeung : Annual birthday together

My birthday is in August and Ron’s birthday is in September. Both of us are Virgo and therefore, every year we will gather together with our fans to celebrate our birthday. It will be more happy if more peoples gather together to celebrate together. This is our 8th year celebrating birthday together. Both fans club members are also good friends. Ron’s fans support me and my fans also support Ron and thus, give us a warm feeling.

One of my fans who supported me for many years, started to wait outside TVB City for two months before birthday party and asked for autograph from the artistes that passed by on the birthday card that she prepared and gathered their blessings for me. After two month’s efforts, this fan already gathered blessings from more than 100 artistes. This was the most creative birthday present that I have ever received. I was so touched that I nearly cried!

As for Ron, he also received a lot of birthday presents. There was a fan that gave him an egg machine as birthday present. It was so special inside. She put a lot of mini Ron’s doll inside every eggs!

Ron and I of course will keep on work hard and film more good series to thank all our fans for their supports.

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