Linda Chung supports Raymond Lam: he is smart not stupid

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Linda Chung supports Raymond Lam: he is smart not stupid

Post by summer7879 on Mon Sep 07, 2009 11:38 pm

Credit : Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Linda Chung supports Raymond Lam: he is smart not stupid

A "Cheater Miss HK" Mandy Chung, although she has the 35-inch body figure but she was unable to make it to the top three. Afterwards, she felt a little jealous and said: "Ms. Lok (Virigina Lok) and a Producer chose me as a finalist. Maybe their opinions are different from the judges." Not only did she insult TVB, but she even insulted TVB's favorite Siu Sang Raymond Lam on Facebook. She criticized Raymond Lam as a person who has a foul mouth, clumsy and called him stupid. Yesterday, Raymond's rumored girlfriend Linda Chung speaks out for him showing her strong support, she said in a girly tone: "Raymond is not stupid, he is really smart!"

Yesterday Linda attended "The 21st CASH Pop Contest" press conference. Towards the unsuccessful Miss HK Mandy Chung insulting her rumored boyfriend on Facebook, calling him stupid, Linda said: "Cursing is not good. People should try not to curse in the real world, why do you need to write these words? She really has no manners if she talks like this. Raymond didn't even do anything to her." It was said that Raymond is TVB's favorite 'son', Mandy Chung insulting Raymond, does that mean she's insulting TVB too? She said: "That is even worse, this should not happen at all. No matter what, she should have not used these rude words on anyone." The Raymond Linda knows is not stupid? She said in a girly tone: "He is very smart!"

Linda was a guest at the contest invited by CASH because her debut album had 2 songs that she composed. Her upcoming album "My Love Story" will also have 2 songs that she composed, both of those songs are love songs. One of the songs is about a fantasy that she had a really deep memorable love. The other song is about her real experience.

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