Bosco's hobby, love his wife, choose red wine

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Bosco's hobby, love his wife, choose red wine

Post by summer7879 on Mon Sep 07, 2009 11:42 pm

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Bosco's hobby, love his wife, choose red wine

Bosco has been attending cooking functions recently. Yesterday, he appeared at a cuisine event, wearing an apron. He looks like a homely man. He expressed that he is stepping into his 30s so he hopes to work towards filming more mature programmes. He knows about cooking so he hopes to work towards his goal "Junior Chu As Choice", Bosco laughed he also knows how to steal, but is go into the kitchen and steal food, no other meaning.

He will be going to Paris soon for a red wine programme. He personally likes to drink red wine, and hopes to have a personal wine cellar in the future. If he has to choose between red wine or marrying a wife, he expressed that he will choose red wine, so his future wife must also appreciate red wine. Asked if his rumoured girlfriend Myolie Wu likes red wine, he knows very well and said: "She doesn't know it very well but has started to try tasting it and asked for my opinions." (Do you also like what she likes?) "She loves cats the most, and has 9 cats. I also like animals with fur. haha!" Looks like this rumoured couple is more and more compatible.

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