30 year old Ella Koon and boyfriend Dr. J out dating having ice cream

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30 year old Ella Koon and boyfriend Dr. J out dating having ice cream

Post by summer7879 on Tue Sep 08, 2009 10:20 pm

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

30 year old Ella Koon and boyfriend Dr. J out dating having ice cream

Ella Koon and her mixed-blood specialist boyfriend Dr. J are quite intimate. The other night she met with her boyfriend and spent two hours with him at his apartment. After relaxing, Ella and her boyfriend held hands and went out for some ice cream.

After Ella started her love with narcissistic specialist Dr. J, she would often mention their relationship. Two months ago, Ella just turned 30 and stepped into the middle-aged women age range, Ella revealed that her boyfriend spending the night over with her is normal.

Ella and her boyfriend were discovered by the Media at the nearby supermarket buying snacks and ice cream, they even brought a large size loaf of bread. After they brought their groceries back to the car, they were still hungry and had ice cream. Her boyfriend saw that Ella was eating so much, he helped her wipe off some of the ice cream, Ella couldn't help but to give her boyfriend a peck. She then brought her boyfriend home in her car. The Media contacted Ella, she expressed that her boyfriend earlier injured his leg and could not go out. It was only recently that Dr. J got his cast taken off.

Also yesterday at an event, Ella exposed that her boyfriend left a note "Can You Teach Me French" in a bag for her to look at. Ella exposed: "the note was written in female's handwriting. If he wanted to hide it, then it wouldn't have be seen by me. Actually if there are other people who appreciate him, then thats not bad. I will think of it optimistically, it's not about me worrying 24/7. (The note is written by a girl?) He has to change when he goes to work, probably his co-worker! (Are you worried that your boyfriend will find a nurse for himself?) Nope, a healthy relationship will have to have trust from both sides. I trust him 100%." Ella smiled and continued: "How about you all help me capture the perpetrator. (If your boyfriend had a third party, would you break up with him immediately?) I don't think anyone can accept that!" But when asked about her relationship with Ron Ng in the past, Ella then kept her mouth shut. She only said: "That is so old news, don't mention it anymore!"

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