Michael Tse's wife Tina Lee rushed to hospital, attempted suicide?

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Michael Tse's wife Tina Lee rushed to hospital, attempted suicide?

Post by summer7879 on Tue Sep 08, 2009 10:38 pm

Credit : Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel & boo @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Michael Tse's wife Tina Lee rushed to hospital, attempted suicide?
Tina wanted to commit suicide due to reports of Michael at nightclub with porn star?

Yesterday, Laughing Gor Michael Tse called the ambulance at his home in Village Road, Happy Valley to rush the real "laughing so" Tina (Lee Tin Yan) to the hospital. Tina was found unconscious at their apartment and is suspected to have attempted suicide due to depression. Yesterday afternoon at 3pm, Tina was sent to Ruttonjee Hospital, accompanied by her husband Michael Tse. Tina was unconscious, Michael was by her side without a sound. A reporter approached the male and asked if he was Michael, hoping to confirm that the person is Michael Tse. Michael responded losing his patience: "Why do I have to confirm to you who I am?"

Michael was by his wife Tina's side all along and did not explain to the reporters around why his wife had to be sent to the hospital. When he called the ambulance, it appears that it was an emergency. Yesterday there was a magazine that reported Michael Tse at a nightclub with a porn star. Once participated in an erotic film Louise Wong exposed that Michael Tse took the initative to get to know her and touched her hand while playing magic tricks with her. Later he even tried to call her out, but she rejected.

Rumored that wife wanted to commit suicide, Michael no explanation

The issue stirred up suspicions, rumors say that Tina wanted to commit suicide due to the reports that Michael was flirting with a porn star at a nightclub and was therefore sent to the hospital. Reporters surrounded the hospital to wait for Michael, but he did not appear, nor did he answer the phone calls. At 7:45pm, the ambulance sent Tina to the Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital. Tina was pushed into the ambulance, and used the hood to block reporters from taking pictures. Michael wore a mask and accompanied his wife, but he did not accept any interview yet.

As Michael Tse took his wife to hospital, the reporters turned their attention to the TVB Director of Production Resources, Virginia Lok. Miss Lok said that after phoning Michael and Tina to understand the situation, she told us that because Tina had stomach cramps she was urgently taken to hospital. She was then questioned about why an ambulance was called to take Tina to hospital if she only had stomach cramps? Miss Lok explained that since Michael's driver license was revoked for 18 months due to driving under the influence of alcohol, he was unable to take Tina to the hospital. Therefore the fastest way to get her to hospital was to call for an ambulance.

Virginia Lok: Tina was hospitalised due to stomach cramps.

With regards to the truth behind Tina trying to commit suicide due to rumours surrounding Michael - Miss Lok smiled and said,"That did not happen, those that know Tina and her personality would know she won't do that. Just now she was on the phone with me, and told me that she had a stomach cramp."

Concerning the photos taken at a nightclub in Taiwan of Michael being quite intimiate with "Taste of Angels" Joey Mak, and him being ratted out by a female pornstar saying that he goes to nightclubs to meet girls. We asked if Miss Lok would warn Michael on what is taboo? Miss Lok said that she is unsure about the weekly reports but she reckons that she does not need to take heed of them and that it is possible that Michael could have been pulled into group photos at different establishments.

She smiled and said,"Michael has high morals, I do not need to worry about how he will handle this. On a normal day Tina would accompany Michael, and during work he would have members of staff with him. Tina's mum is TVB's senior staff of artists, she can pretty much see everything that goes on so there is no chance for him to rebel."

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