Michael Tse's wife speaks out the truth proving her husband innocent

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Michael Tse's wife speaks out the truth proving her husband innocent

Post by summer7879 on Thu Sep 10, 2009 1:55 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Michael Tse's wife speaks out the truth proving her husband innocent

Michael Tse's wife Tina had stomach cramps and was rushed to the hopsital. But this led to "suicide" and "beating wife" reports. Yesterday Tina personally supported her husband by responding to the Media. She said that she went empty stomach to get her scuba diving license and then had lemon tea, causing discomfort in her stomach and vomitting therefore she was admitted to the hospital. Towards the rumors, she frankly said that it's quite good to scold at and funny at the same time, even my diving instructor had to speak out to prove the whole incident false.

Mr. Michael Tse and his wife Tina Lee Tin Yan recently have been doing dive training. On September 8, 2009, Mrs. Tse arrived at Sai Kung for training, but because she did not eat and drank cold lemon tea, after training, she did not feel well. Later in the afternoon, a member there sent her back home via the taxi and had Michael bring her to the hospital.

Yesterday afternoon, she accepted an interview from the media and said that she is feeling better, her diving instructor Stephen also visited her. Besides bring her scuba diving license and picture to her, he also made a statement proving that the reports were false.

Towards the "suicide" reports, Tina said: "I just think its both really funny and frustrating at the same time, a big joke. I just went to get my license yesterday and didn't eat, therefore had an upset stomach. Michael just helped me called the ambulance to visit the hospital." As for Michael at a nightclub with a pornstar rumors, she expressed that she didn't see it and has no interest knowing about it.

Michael accepted an interview through the phone and frankly said that the rumors are giving him trouble, he said: "I am of course upset! They did not have evidence or anything then just jumped into conclusions. The report made the whole situation so vivid, this is definitely not a normal report at all." Michael expressed that at the time he was worried about his wife and was going here and there for her. The attitude of the report is very bad, they did not bother to think of how he felt, he said in anger: "They have to know how to respect people, it is only then will others know how to respect you!"

Also, Michael also accepted an interview from Elieen Cha's radio programme. She said that the Media only saw him send his wife to the hospital, and then made up all these stories, even TVB had to call Michael to ask about the situation. Asked why he didn't drive his wife to the hospital? Michael said: "I have work on hand, I have to shoot two clips, now the Doctor told her to stay in the hospital for another night. I know she had the flu, but it didn't come out yet!" As to the reports that he was beating his wife, he said: "If the report was really written like that, then I plan to take legal action towards them." Yesterday Michael visited his wife at the hospital and left at 6pm, he said that the report has went over the line, he stresses that he and his wife do not have any problems at all.

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