Niki Chow denied fallen out of love

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Niki Chow denied fallen out of love

Post by summer7879 on Thu Sep 10, 2009 1:57 am

Credit ; Source: MingPao
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Niki Chow denied fallen out of love

Niki Chow attended "The 5th Joyful (Mental Health) Foundation Charity Dinner" last night. She denied she had fallen out of love before, therefore there is no need to call Joyful Foundation hotline.

Niki noted in recent years, there have been an increase of people having mental health problems. People need to raise the awareness of their own mental health. There are few artists also suffer mental illnesses. Reporter asked if Niki's mental health has been shadowed by her split up with Kevin Cheng? Niki smiled and said "No shadow." She insisted she has not call the mental health hotline. Niki said "I was not fallen out of love, therefore there is no need for me to call the hotline. I find going on holiday is the best method. This world is so big and personal affair is nothing."

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