Niki Chow wants to be like Kelly Chen, a modern mother

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Niki Chow wants to be like Kelly Chen, a modern mother

Post by summer7879 on Fri Sep 11, 2009 11:37 pm

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Niki Chow wants to be like Kelly Chen, a modern mother

Niki Chow was celebrating for the good reception and discussions for her latest special on TVB "Sakura Memories" that she hosted for. First week ratings were 22 points, peaking at 25 points; Second week 21 points. Last night she personally reserved tables for the celebration, spending a 5 figure sum for 3 tables. She invited the TVB and Japanese crew members to celebrate with her. Niki hopes that TVB would "get another bowl" and arrange her to visit Egypt, Antarctic and the Arctic Circle and other places to do another special. She said: "I have never traveled alone with a backpack on my back! (Find a handsome guy to accompany you?) Of course not, I don't feel lonely, it's fun shooting alone!"

Niki exposed that once when she was in Japan, she met up with one of the local television stations executive's son. She said: "He was 30 something years old, a nice person! (Is there a chance for you guys to develop into a couple?) Oh don't do that, we can't communicate!"

Speaking of Mid-Autumn Festival, Niki reveals that she will spend it with her family, asked if she hopes to find a male friend to spend it with too, making two reunions for her? Niki said: "I hope that I will be married before 33 years old and have kids because this is the age to have babies. Babies are so cute, I also want to be like Kelly Chen, become a modern mother!" Can a friend bring her to get match-made? Niki said: "No, I am not that desperate. Let fate decide, I'm afraid I might scare away all the people there if I go."

Also, Niki said that she is personally quite traditional. She won't get marry because of a baby, but she doesn't guarantee that she'll not do a secret marriage. She said: "Because I'm afraid that when we're dating, it will be too pressuring. Afterall, this is private life. If I ever have a baby, I will definitely tell you all!"

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