Raymond Lam admits to have once liked Rain Li

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Raymond Lam admits to have once liked Rain Li

Post by summer7879 on Fri Sep 11, 2009 11:40 pm

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Raymond Lam admits to have once liked Rain Li

The other day Raymond Lam accepted an interview from Amigo Chui on his show "MY NAME IS PONG". Raymond expressed that he already learned singing when he was a teenager and at the time it was only an interest. But when he was 16, there was a record company that approached him and asked him to sign a contract with them, but at the time his only plan was to go to the United States to study, therefore did not agree to it. Couldn't believe that not even a year of study in the U.S, under coincidence, he entered TVB.

Amigo expressed that he has heard of the rumors saying that people cannot offend Raymond Lam because he's Christina Lee (Madam Lei Hau Woh)'s god son. Raymond said straightforwardly: "This rumor has been going on for many years. It is a fact that I knew her before I entered the industry, but we don't talk about work. I just feel if we do it will affect me because there are a lot of things that I need to do well on, up to the standards of others."

As for his love life, Raymond talked about rumors with Rain Li, Linda Chung, Tavia Yeung, etc. About Rain Li, he frankly said: "I once did have a good impression on her (liked her), but we didn't date. We didn't develop further on our relationship because of the Media, at the time I did not really know how to deal with it, I was a little scared." Raymond expressed that outside of work, he actually doesn't really talk to Linda at all. But in TVB, many people thought that they were really a pair, even Raymond felt that they matched a little!

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